Odessa is always distinctive and changeable. I’m never tired to shoot beautiful views of my native city. Here’s the Odessa that opened to me yesterday. A couple of hours before the storm. The wind is strong, so that blows away a tripod with the camera. The looming clouds are behind, it smells with the rain. I would like to stand like that for hours, enjoying the sunset and a moment to get wet under a warm shower.


But, alas, as the heroes of the famous novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, I can not wait the storm covers the city, because I have to go! I make a farewell shot, look for the last time at the magnificent view and go to the Bernardazzi restaurant. There I was awaited by its chef Alexey Shvets and my delicious lunch.

Pizza, pasta, pancetta … Have you already guessed, a masterpiece of which country called my delight? That’s right, I want you to experience the pleasure of Italian cuisine! Pasta with mushrooms, cooked for me by Alexey, relates not only to the Italian cuisine, but also to a vegetarian. It was delicious that I even did not notice there was no meat!

Pasta recipes always impress me as they are so diverse. There were three kinds of mushrooms in my plate: porcini, chanterelles and honey fungus, but in fact, this pasta with mushrooms can be prepared with butter mushrooms, saffron milk caps, boletus, so with any seasonal mushrooms.

You can also use frozen mushrooms. The main thing is to thaw the mushrooms well and blot them with paper towel to remove moisture.

Pasta with Seasonal Mushrooms Recipe
Recipe Type: Pasta
Cuisine: Italian Cuisine
Serves: 4
You can use any seasonal mushrooms. Frozen mushrooms can also be used, first defrosted and dried with paper towel.The less moisture left, the better, otherwise mushrooms will be cooked and not fried.
  • Pasta 400g
  • Chanterelles 200g
  • Honey fungus 200g
  • White mushrooms 200g
  • White wine 50ml
  • Fresh thyme, up to taste
  • Butter 80g
  • Olive oil 50ml
  • Salt, pepper up to taste
  1. Cook pasta in salted water al dente. Wash and peel (if required) mushrooms.
  2. Cut white mushrooms in large dices, cut chanterelles in halves, if necessary.
  3. Leave honey fungus uncut.
  4. Heat the pan well.
  5. Roast mushrooms in butter and olive oil, add thyme leaves and white wine.
  6. After the wine boils down, add salt, pepper and pasta.
  7. After cooked, put on plates and decorate with thyme branches.


Italian chefs know best how to cook pasta really well. But it’s still unknown for sure  who invented this dish. One of the versions says that pasta recipe was brought to Italy from China by the famous traveler Marco Polo.

But let us leave the issue to historians. And it’s high time you take a recipe of pasta with seasonal mushrooms and start creating!