Ooh, what I like in Hong Kong, so it’s a play of light and its diversity. You can stand in one place and just turning in different directions, doing completely different pictures

Ray of sunlight reflected from the mirrored windows of a nearby building and passing through the leaky cornice creates a light phantasmagoria, that you stand fascinated and look at this play of light as the sun changes its location.

Passing cars, people that slowly going about their business and the original Hong Kong landscape are so varied the image, that you shouldn’t go in searching of the ideal locations. It’s all – the perfect location.

And even if we add here constantly warm climate, the Hong Kong willy nilly becoming one of the best sites for outdoor shoots. Enjoy!

Photoshoot in Hong Kong and Lan Kwai Fong-2

It’s best to understand what LKF is for citizens of Odessa. Well, lovers of nightlife in Odessa

Imagine Arcadia, but in small amounts in Hong Kong and in the center of the city. Such a night time area which overlaps almost all for lovers to drink alcohol and dying the rest of the day.

But at night, while the rest of the city sleeps, LKF rages as boiling sink. Hundreds of bars at different levels and floors, a cacophony of music mixed with drunken screaming. There is fun if you’re drunk and sober nothing to do here.

Many people think that Lan Kwai Fong is limited to the same street, but in fact it is a street name of the whole district, Soho. And then there is entertainment for all tastes, ranging from cheap beer bars for students and ending with Michelin restaurants.