Place of the case and about heaven signages-2

In Hong Kong, there is a left-hand traffic . Legacy of colonization UK. But even Hong Kong – it is a paradise of signages, signs and other arrows

For example, on a crosswalk necessarily thick written Look Left or Right. Who what likes.

They clearly understood here that if you want to bring something to a person, write it on the floor.

And you, willy nilly, turn your head to the side arrows. Even if used , it is necessary to look the other way.

But sometimes, as here in this case, there is the risk of not seeing. Why I need Left or Right? I have a good picture in front.

Place of the case and about heaven signages-3

I always try to leave at my work some place for the occasion. And sometimes the fate for this, awards me.

Such as in this case, in the ancient and tiny trattoria , which casually glanced ray of sunshine reflected from the windows of the neighboring building.

It went through a stained glass window, which is about two hundred years, and fell on a nearby table.

In seconds displace light, the dish … and make a frame. Exactly after few minutes the sun had disappeared, leaving me with a gift in the form of a photograph.

Accident, I was able to see and use it. And I’m really happy that such randomness here happen, sorry for the the pun, every day.

Sometimes it is a person who will play an important role in my life, and sometimes a sunbeam. But in the aggregate they are, these chance, and make this life rich and interesting.