• 17 cuinary adventures expecting in Barcelona

17 Culinary Adventures Expecting in Barcelona

Barcelona is among four favourite cities of mine, and no wonder I like to come back here. My first trip to Barcelona was a business one. I was lucky to get acquainted and work with the best chefs of this great city. They revealed culinary secrets of Catalonia capital for me. The secrets that

  • Barcelona – a city of great love-3

My Barcelona

My new story about trip to Barcelona, to the magazine Prosto & Vkusno (Moldova). Barcelona. This is the most delicious city in Spain. And I, as a food photographer, is impressed by the love of food and then a number of Michelin-starred restaurants that can only go from restaurant to restaurant, licking fingers and arranging holiday

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Barcelona – a city of great love

The best time for promenades is early morning. Streets haven’t woken up, small shops and stores are closed, and only lonely passers-by dilute a picture of deserted and sleepy town... Take a cup of coffee in sleepy baristas and enjoying the tart aroma of freshly brewed drink, slowly walking through the lanes of one of

  • Figueres, the birthplace of Dali and the city of pretty Frenchwomen-4

Figueres, the birthplace of Dali and the city of pretty Frenchwomen

About Figueres, which is located in the north of Spain, I didn’t know anything exactly to the moment, until I decided to run away from Girona. I opened several guides and read what is next, within an hour drive. And found the Salvador Dali Museum, whish is basically famous for Figueres. I have a unique

  • As I was late for the train in Girona-0

As I was late for the train in Girona

And if you think that my adventures in Girona ended, then I have to disappoint you. I missed the train. Rather, as I was late. Miss the bus because of my faith in the automation and inattention. Grandpa cashier was very polite and available in Catalan of course, explained to me, and even wrote on

  • Girona. The city, with which I didn’t become friends-0

Girona. The city, with which I didn’t become friends

As the girl Lena told me with whom I met on the aeroplane to Barcelona, the city need to make a pal of. Otherwise you would have bad relationships with it for all your life. And every next your visit will bring more and more frustrations. That's because it has happen with Girona, at the

  • The cheapest way to go to Barcelona-0

The cheapest way to go to Barcelona

Constantly monitoring different airlines offers and promotions, I Ibump into one important problem. Almost none of the airline doesn't make good discounts on flights to and from Ukraine. So any ways to save on air tickets in our case, unfortunately, don't work. And therefore, the most acceptable alternative is to fly from airport in Kiev