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Singapore. Love Confession

In Singapore, smile appears on the face itself. Everything is so convenient and thoughtfully, not soared absolutely nothing. Beautiful people, happy people. Equally beautiful architecture and a lot of greenery. This city has been became one of my favorites. I want to come back here again and again, despite the fact that it's not as

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Singapore. The third day

Three days is a very short period to understand Singapore. Especially when you work more than half of the day. But I fell in love with Singapore for its ability to enjoy life. Here is this art is at such a high level and Astatically so imperceptibly that you understand that you bliss out, not

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Singapore. The second day

Singapore is the city of sex and uniquely beautiful women I even suspect the Government of Singapore in a global conspiracy to attract sexy women in this peaceful and in general quiet town. Well, can’t be here per square meter of so much cute Asians. And while they look at you so defiantly that not

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Welcome to Singapore

I decided to try a new format for the blog where I’ll post small notes about my feelings, impressions and domestic difficulties. For me it is a new species, but I think it could be interesting. I welcome your feedback. GEYLANG and prostitutes, yes ... Slyadnev, remember! Never book hotels in more than one kilometer