Who knows, tells me. If I’m going with stop by different airlines on separate tickets and luggage, could I ask that my luggage was taken to the last arrival airport, and I went to the transit or necessarily need to check in at passport control, go into the city, get luggage and in an hour hang it over again, again pass through the passport control?

Question about transit and the airport in Kuala Lumpur-2

Each city smells differently. European cities smell basically the same, unified. In Asia clearly observed diversity.

Hong Kong smells like a mixture of fresh breeze, exotic flowers and Chinese food. Singapore – a mixture of the smell of durian and expensive perfume.

In Kuala Lumpur is own, the peculiar smell. It doesn’t look like something else but at the same time I didn’t sign it.

I have a half hour sitting in Starbucks at the airport, and not in a hurry to leave. What’ll be interesting for me this city? What kind of people it’ll give me and what impressions would leave behind?