Now, when more than half a year past since that time, I’m writing a little intro to the recipe of the wonderful chef Oriol Ivern with a Michelin star, and once again I’m plunging into the atmosphere of one of my favorite cities – Barcelona.

002I already had a post about my love to this amazing city of Spain and again and again I’m dipping into the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, walking along the waterfront and eating delicious seafood from local markets of Barcelona.

seafood recipe

003And of course, I can easily understand why dishes of the Hisop Restaurant are so tasty, because cooking with these products is a real pleasure. Visit this city, try its dishes and you won’t be disappointed.

And yet, the recipe from Oriol Ivern. His words:

“I choose this dish because is very typical from the Catalan cuisine mix meat and fish and we called “mar i muntanya” that means “sea and mountain” but in this case we try to get the best from the squid and give some fresh ingredients to balance the black sausage like the fennel.”

Squid with Fennel

Squid with Fennel, Trumpets (Mushrooms), and Black Sausage
Recipe Type: Seafood
Author: [url href=””]Oriol Ivern[/url]
  • big squid
  • fennel herb
  • fennel
  • black sausage
  • olive oil
  • shallots
  • trumpets “Cratherellus Cornucopioides”
  1. We clean the squids and we cut with the small incisions to make the cuisson very quick.
  2. We cook the trumpets with the shallots and is no more water on the pan.
  3. We get the squid skins to make a stoke, sautéing the fennel and let cook for 20 minutes together.
  4. we cut the sausage in a cubes and we warm.
  5. we cook the squid cut it in a wok very quickly.
  6. We dress the dish.

“The path of becoming a Chef I can spend through the menu of his restaurant. I saved the best of the places where I worked in my dishes, that I contrive and cook.”

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