• Pancake Week - 7 Best Crepes Recipes

Pancake Week – 7 Best Crepes Recipes

Maslenitsa Festival! What associations do you have with it? The end of winter? The beginning of spring? Good weather? One thing I know for sure - it's crepes! At Maslenitsa Festival crepes not just a recommendation, it's a must eat! This whole week before Lent, when we bid farewell to winter, spring and officially meet all

  • 3 best pierogi dough recipes

3 Best Pierogi Dough Recipes

Do you decide to cook pierogi? You even invent a filling. I think, it's going to be different. It can be meat or something sweet. To prolong the pleasure. But most important thing is dough. Pierogi basis is dough. That it plays a leading role. It should be thin, but to keep the shape, resist

  • 5 Traditional Ukrainian Dishes

5 Traditional Ukrainian Dishes

Let's talk about Ukrainian cuisine. Our national, favorite and familiar. What we love to cook and eat almost every day and on holidays. And when you come back from - or whether from abroad and want something, national, Ukrainian! Something that was cooked by beloved grandmother. We can be proud of these dishes, pass recipes

  • 5 Reasons to Eat Hummus

5 Reasons to Eat Hummus

Before I’ve written my book ‘Hummus. Something about Food, East and Love’, I knew almost nothing about hummus. But when I started collecting and researching information, and, what was most important, trying different taste combinations, I realized that I would be addicted to hummus all my life. Today I’ll tell you 5 reasons to eat

  • Pierogi-with-Pope-1

Pierogi with Poppy

Dumplings is a perfect dish for Christmas time. The whole family get together around the festive table and leisurely enjoy a meal while discussing the latest news. There is a belief that it’s necessary to sit down to a table with the first star twinkle in the sky, while the number of dishes on the

  • вареники

Pierogi with Baked Duck Meat, Ghi Butter and Thyme

Pierogi is our most favourite out of Ukrainian traditional dishes. Everyone, young and old, love them. That’s a dish for everyday and holiday at the same time. Fillings can be completely different. Sweet with cherries or strawberries, or more solid with meat or fish. Tell me, is there a person in this world who does

  • Winter Evening Cocktail

Winter Evening Cocktail

Art is the only suitable word to describe cocktails. You can see everyone drinking cocktails: girlfriends, chatting on a Friday evening on, serious men, discussing the terms of a new deal, friends, celebrating a birthday or a guy who is trying to attract a girl’s attention, “Excuse me, can I treat you with a

  • Are you thinking about cooking chicken вшыр, and you want it to be tasty? We are ready to help!

Thai Chicken Recipe with Cashew

And if we're talking about a bird that first comes to mind is the chicken. Chicken Dishes rightly have taken a firm place in our hearts. Chicken Recipes most versatile and delicious unconditionally, and more often than not difficult because cook chicken bad you must still try! It is good for everyday lunch and festive

  • Godfather Winemaker Cocktail

Godfather Winemaker Cocktail

Mixing cocktails is a pure magic. When seemingly incompatible ingredients are mixed together in a glass, and the result is gorgeous, it can’t be called otherwise as ‘magic’. The etymology of the word ‘cocktail’ is very ambiguous. More than a dozen of different versions explains its origin. If you look in the Oxford Dictionary,

  • Hummus with Olives and Green Oil-2

Hummus with Olives and Green Oil

We’ve already cooked hummus, even two types of it: classical and with chili pepper. Today I’ll share with you one more recipe. Hummus with olives and basil oil. I’ve got this recipe from Aleksey Shvets. Hummus is extremely healthy. It’s very nutritious and substantial, and at the same time a very healthy food. Especially