• Pork Steak with Sauce (2)

Pork Steak with Sauce

Moldavian cuisine is considered as one of the healthiest in the world. Traditional Moldova dishes were formed for centuries. We have cooked with you placinta, one of the most famous pastries thought Moldova cuisine. Today we will cook a meat dish. Pork steak with sauce muzhdu by Denis Brovceac, Chef at La Butuc. Muzhdu is

  • If you would like to eat something light, then chicken broth from Alexei Shvets is what you need.

Chicken Soup

Broth as many other recipes was created in France. People cooked it with different kinds of meat, both veal and pork. Generally, broth is a very universal dish. It can be a served separately and at the same time it cane be a base for risotto, sauces and other soups. Today we gonna cook Chicken

  • Dinner for Deux - Perfect Recipes by Food’n'Chef

Dinner for Deux – Best Recipes by Food’n’Chef

Romantic evening. You decided to surprise him or her by incredible dinner. A date or an important event, but you may want to spend the evening in a pleasant atmosphere with your loved one? You can't be wrong here. All dishes must be perfect. A very old proverb says - the way to a man's

  • Zucchini with grilled vegetables and chicken fat_1

Zucchini with Grilled Vegetables and Chicken Fat

Michelin dishes are a separate world. Separate world of taste impressions. Separate culinary story. That’s a pure art, where best products of the highest quality are used for cooking according to the latest gastronomic trends, keeping at the same time all the culinary secrets. I’ve already made a special selection of Michelin recipes for you.

  • Sometimes you want to change old dish a little bit. Stuffed Peppers with Cabbage Rolls a good variant by Chef Sergey Kutenco.

Stuffed Peppers with Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed peppers are rich dish that will leave nobody indifferent at the festive table. And you can stuff it with almost everything - meat, vegetables, rice, mushrooms, eggs, the list goes on and on. And each family has its own precise, unique, incomparable recipe of stuffed peppers. In fact, pepper is just created for filling

  • If you are always have a party with your friends, you can cook a dish for everyone – leg of lamb.

Leg of Lamb

You should be able to cook the meat. And to make this not only all his experience and skill gained by days, months or years and even add their love and some inside felling in cooking. Today we will cook a leg of lamb. In fact, when I hear such a name of a recipe,

  • Rachki

Rachki (Little Prawns)

Rachki (little prawns) are not prawns. You shouldn’t tell something like that if near you are Odessa People. Rachki (little prawns) are Rachki. And, the most important, every Odessa person has their own original Rachki Recipe. I’ve heard a lot about different recipes, from the simplest one – just to boil in the salt water

  • Lush, soft, melting in the mouth brioche bun. I can see the picture, cup of coffee, brioche and unhurried moment of pleasure ...

Brioche and Chocolate Brioche

Brioche - a magnificent gentle bun that just melts in your mouth. The first recipe for brioche bun was proposed by the French brioche pastry. World brioche popularity acquired thanks to the French painter Edouard Manet. In his works, paintings and still lifes depicted several times. To musical evenings which were arranged by his wife,

  • Danube Herring

Danube Herring Recipe

First of all, I’ll give you the Danube Herring Recipe. You don’t even need to strain a lot. Firstly wash your legs, after do the pedicure. And your first important activity is to go to the Privoz for buying a herring. If it’s lucky haul – it’s should be fresh. If someone tells you that

  • Do you want to be a character of a famous serial and eat the famous desserts? Macaroon recipe by Chefs of Make My Cake is an exellent choice.

Macaroon with Berries and Mascarpone Cream

Macaroni - a popular French dessert. It was a favorite delicacy of the French monarchs. Macaroon recipe to France had brought an Italian princess Catherine de Medici. Back in the 16th century, macaroon was a simple biscuits made with almond flour, egg whites and sugar. Absolutely no exotic filling or rainbow colors or cream filling. It was