• “Sesame coins” dessert with cream made of cashew and Hibiscus flowers-1

«Sesame coins» Dessert with Cream and Cashew

To be honest, I’ve never took the raw food seriously. Tell me, how can one eat raw vegetables and nuts all the time?Therefore when I got acquainted with Vladimir Stukotin and was told he was an outstanding raw-cook, I was rather sceptical. People insisted I should add him to Food’n’Chef project. - Yeah-yeah - I

  • Porcini in Papillote-1

Porcini in Papillote

I spent my childhood in the north of Russia, in the cold snowy taiga, among the deer, Eskimos, oil producers and romantic lovers of harsh life. But I went to school in the west of Ukraine, with mild European climate. But in both this regions there are lots of porcini - in the forest of

  • Fruit Carpaccio with Lavender Syrup-1

Fruit Carpaccio with Lavender Syrup

Photographers have quite active life - moving from one place to another, changing shooting locations, long photo shoots and exhibitions, crazy races through the city with heavy bags with equipment, and I’m not mention all these meetings, phone calls, small daily cases and so on (sometimes I even have some sleep!). That’s why I just

  • Banana Cake 2014-1

Banana Cake 2014

I take pictures and taste delicious dishes and... get some kilos. I have a lot of bags with photo-equipment and I lose kilos. It is a balance :) But when you’re flying by plane… Here comes the problem. Just 10 kg hand luggage is not enough… at all! So I’ve chosen for myself the optimal variant of equipment set

  • Do not read it when hungry!-1

Penne Pasta Recipe with Chili Sauce

It’s really difficult to write a post about Penne Pasta with Chili Sauce and Arugula if you’re hungry. At such moments I become a hostage of my own food-photos, and can think about food, and nothing else but food. And when a man thinks only about food, he gets very angry, and this affects the

  • Hummus with paprika and olive oil-1

Hummus with Paprika and Olive Oil Recipe

I knew for a long time what hummus is, but tasted this dish for the first time just three weeks ago, when I was asked to take pictures by a well-known hummus producer. Its products are sold in supermarkets, and I decided to come and buy some samples of its products to the test. I

  • Homemade salad with baked vegetables and slices of rye bread-1

Baked Veggies Salad with Rye Bread Croutons Recipe

Now when the veggie season is in a full swing, it’s high time to cook various veggies dishes, including a tasty and healthy veggies salad. Do you know how long time ago people started preparing and eating salads? That’s one of the most ancient dishes of the world culinary, already 2500 years ago this kind