Every time I look at this photo, I feel extremely hungry. And yes, food-photographer can often get in his own trap. It often happens, when I sort or choose photos.

Back of a lamb on potatoes with cherry recipe
Recipe Type: Meat and Poultry
Cuisine: French Cuiine
  • Rack of lamb:
  • Rack of lamb – net weight – 1,12 kg
  • Cherry tomatoes – a branch – 60 g
  • Baby potatoes – 150 g
  • Thyme – 2 g
  • Rosemary – 2 g
  • Sage – 1 g
  • Parsley– 2 g
  • Rusks – 40 g
  • Mustard– 10 g
  • Salt– 1 g
  • Sauce:
  • Bone broth – 100 g
  • Sage – 1 g
  • Garlic – 5 g
  • Salt – 1 g
  • Pepper – 1 g
  • Butter – 10 g
  1. Roast rack of lamb and bake it in a crust of flavouring herbs to the desirable level.
  2. Served on baby potatoes with meat sauce.
  3. Decorate with baked cherry tomatoes and twig of sage.
  4. Boil down the sauce by half and bring to the desirable taste, then add butter.
  5. Place potatoes on a plate.
  6. Cut rack of lamb in halves and put atop potatoes, pour sauce around potatoes.
  7. Decorate with cherry and twig of sage.


And as a rule, I do it on an empty stomach. When I sit down to look through numerous photos, I get a growling stomach at once. Oh!

I’ve never agreed to this!

But it’s not so difficult for me. I often work with food chefs. And can leave my work for a while to cook some tasty dish, recipe of which I got from some chef. And I would like to offer the same to you.

Please welcome this tasty lamb. You can find the recipe below.

Back of a lamb on potatoes with cherry-2