Pierogi is our most favourite out of Ukrainian traditional dishes. Everyone, young and old, love them. That’s a dish for everyday and holiday at the same time. Fillings can be completely different. Sweet with cherries or strawberries, or more solid with meat or fish.

Tell me, is there a person in this world who does not like pierogi? No matter what filing is inside, but pierogi in general? I also believe there is no such a person.

Family recipes of pierogi, which are given from one generation to another generation, from our great-grandmothers to grandmothers, from grandmothers to mothers, and then finally to us, are transformed and become not just a recipe of pierogi, but a kind of a genuine family heirloom.

It’s the same story with borsch, everyone cooks in the same way, but have their own tricks.

Pierogi are good that they can be cooked in advance and frozen. And from time to time to treat your beloved ones and yourself with this wonderful delicacy.

Together with Aleksey Shvets, I’ve decided to write a book about the pierogi. Share my knowledge about right preparation, unexpected variations and traditions.

Today I’d like to share one of these recipes. Pierogi with duck, ghee and thyme. They can easily be the main dish of the table!

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Pierogi with Baked Duck Meat, Ghi Butter and Thyme
For filling:
For filling:
Preparation of filling:
  1. Check the duck for the presence of feathers. Rub with oil, salt, pepper and thyme leaves. Put inside the peeled onions.
  2. Bake under foil at 160 degrees for 2-2.5 hours.
  3. Cool the cooked duck, separate the meat from the bones. Chop the meat, season with salt and pepper and mix well, adding duck fat.
Preparation of ghee with thyme:
  1. Add the thyme sprigs in the oil and simmer on a very small fire for 20-30 minutes.
Preparation of dumplings:
  1. Divide dough into 2-3 equal parts, roll out each piece into a circle of 1-1.5 mm thick
  2. Cut out circles of dough with a round glass
  3. Fill each circle with stuffing and close up.
  4. Put ready-made dumplings on a floured surface.
  5. Cook the dumplings in salted boiling water.
  6. Cook until they come to surface, approximately for 5-7 minutes.
  7. Put the cooked dumplings in plates and pour with ghee.
  8. Bon appétit!