Curiously, it looks like if the photographer has a power over the light, than alternation of day and night, cloudy or sunny sky – it’s not important. Actually it isn’t, but only if you’re working in your studio and has everything under controlled. And if you go outside… every little thing puts a mark on the final picture.

Recipe Type: Drinks
Cuisine: Coctails
  • Gin Bombay Sapphire – 30 ml
  • Mandarine Napoleone Grand Liquere – 15 ml
  • Freshly sqeezed grapefruite juice (Frorida Red) – 50 ml
  • Mary Brizard wild berried flavoured grenadine – 5 ml
  1. Shake, to serve in chilled cocktail glass.
  2. No garnish, no decorations for routine service.


Irina invited me to shoot her portrait for my Food & Chef project late at night, which was not so surprising, cause it’s the time when all barmen actually work. Anyway, I was really nervous. The world cocktail champion… she seemed to be really strict and professional when we were talking.

The light… I was thinking about it all the time. I had to do my best to shot her in the bar full of people at night.

But the reality was easier than I could ever imagine. Charming Ira met me with a smile, asked the waiters not to let anyone in the bar (actually a there worked a summer open-area, so guests there were any problems with guests), until we’re done shooting…. and began to treat me her cocktails.

Sapphire Infinity-2

For taking a good picture the photographer should get used to the place and the person, feel the special atmosphere and only then start the shooting. Irina and I have been charting for about an hour, talked on various topics, joked and discussed travels, world, photos, cocktails and nightlife.

I was so much fascinated by Irina that I wanted to make a very unusual portrait. One that would symbolize her and her work. Have I done it? Tell me you, my dear reader.

Sapphire Infinity-3

Well, after the shooting we started talking again and again. It was amazing and very fun night for me, thanks to Irina.