We’ll talk about professionals today. The best of the best. Michelin best chefs.

Today we have the most exclusive and incredible. I was looking for them and gathered in different parts of the world, and represent the best that could be found.

On the agenda are the 7 best recipes from Michelin category “Seafood”. Here you can find a swallow’s nest, and winter melon, and the incredible combination of seemingly incompatible ingredients, just something to surprise, stun, amaze and impress the heart.

It’s not so difficult as it might seem at first glance, and sometimes do not need to spend a few hours, the main thing to strictly follow the instructions. A couple of simple but skillful movements lead you to the result. And most important, now you can be sure, that it’s possible to cook Michelin recipes.

The history of Michelin stars has its origins back in 1900 when André Michelin published the first guide to restaurants in France to help the rich and well-oriented in the gastronomic world people to find the right “point” of the best cuisine.

For more than 100 years around the rumors do not cease. For who, how and most importantly, why? Chef, and restaurant and hotel can get the star. And if the Michelin chef decides to change their place of work, the star goes along with him, and he makes a popular completely different restaurant.

The criteria for the award of the rating are a trade secret. Michelin inspectors absolutely incognito visit the restaurant during the peak attendance, under an assumed name. Commends the work, quality of service, the music, the general atmosphere, and most importantly the quality and taste of food. And then make a decision. To be or not to be!

And now more about “points”, but rather about the recipes of fish and seafood that may appear in your kitchen and make it almost Michelin! Only the stars are not enough … But I think that praise is the main award!

Roasted Langoustine with Crab Cookies and Veal Leg Salad

Today we prepare for you something special, langoustine recipe with crab cookies. Don’t you believe? Push the link!

Read and understand that there is not one dish, and at least three. So, in order. First, crab biscuits. Then langoustine. These salad of veal leg. Plus truffle sauce. But I don’t give you a promise that it’s going to be easy!

See the recipe: Roasted Langoustine with Crab Cookies and Veal Leg Salad

Cuttlefish Black and White

Cuttlefish? How to cook cuttlefish? I don’t have any pleasant associations in my head, but it’s a deception. We have an absolutely lovely cuttlefish recipe.

And here, I realized that in life, everything is possible, just like in the commercials. Impossible is nothing. Now we need to cook black and white cuttelefish. There are two layers, gently covered by the Panna cotta of the sea urchin pulp, and then joins them evaporated citrus sauce.

See the recipe: Cuttlefish Black and White

Lobster Linguini

New and unordinary combination of maine lobster and linguine, it’s the answer to the question of cooking lobster. Lobster and linguine recipe dead ahead!

Perfect linguine al dente and add roasted lobster. 25 minutes and dinner is prepared. I hope it’s not a first date, too early for lobster!

See the recipe: Lobster Linguini

Scallop Carpaccio Recipe

If we talk about Italian recipes, at the one of the first places we can find carpaccio recipe. If you are bored with standard carpaccio of beef, today we want to introduce Scallop Carpaccio, Soft Cooked Egg and White Truffle Dressing

Carpaccio, and what’s so special. And I found not simple carpaccio, it’s Michelin! And there is no standard ingredients known to us by the guide of the Italian cuisine. There are tender scallop duet with egg and white truffle sauce. One of the best seafood recipes!

See the recipe: Scallop Carpaccio

Crab Claws with Winter Melon

Crab with Winter Melon

About gustatory delights of crab meat, and do not need to talk. This is exactly the case when everything is clear without words. But I want to speak about winter melon! Firstly, you can call it winter melon without any problems. And this is a typical product for Asian cuisine. Fruit, vegetables in appearance and taste like a normal pub. In general, the Yum!

See the recipe: Crab Claws with Winter Melon

Lobster with Bird’s Nest and Egg White

New and unordinary combination of maine lobster and linguine, it’s the answer to the question of cooking lobster. Lobster and linguine recipe dead ahead!

It’s time to think about exclusivity. In this recipe, seafood is one important, and at the same time the mysterious ingredient! There is all the mystery of Michelin recipe here. For a long time I will not weary and proud to present a swallow’s nest. The secret is that you are not able to cook it at home, but you can add that recipe to your collection! And to find out why, quickly click on the link!

See the reipe: Lobster with Bird’s Nest and Egg White

Roasted Salmon Steak Recipe

Do you look for the best salmon recipe? It’s right here! Baked salmon together with carrot, ginger and herbs. Wonderful salmon dish…

You can breathe the usual recipe of fish. On stage is popular salmon, and even nothing to add about some cool and unusual pieces. There triumphant motto, the simpler, the better! Add the carrots, ginger, herbal decoction and a dish from one of the best chefs in France, Michelin chef is already on your plate!

See the recipe: Roasted Salmon Steak