Shave whether beard and about delicious food in Hong Kong-2

Historically, my beard grow very dock-tailed and if earlier , at the time the green youth, I shave every few days , it has been more than a year I scored on smooth cheeks and once in two weeks pass trimmer, leaving a couple of millimeters and waiting for my beard starts to itch

Very comfortable and I’m happy that I don’t have this problem , like many other men and even some women – to shave every day.

When I ‘m flying somewhere, I shave and in couple of days I have again my usual two-millimeter bristles, which usually don’t have time to grow to obscene proportions to my return home.

But in Hong Kong, I have a little more than three weeks and my beard begins to remind me about itself in the interesting views in the subway and crumbs clinging at lunch .

And if I am willing to put up first, and somewhere it’s even played in my favor, then here I was very concerned about the crumbs.
I forgot my trimmer in Odessa, and now I have a dilemma. Buy new – not see the point. Old still good. Go to the barber with gray Chinese to shave? As an option. The alternative is buying a disposable razor.

Or may leave the beard before coming to Odessa?

Shave whether beard and about delicious food in Hong Kong-3

That’s what kind of diet can be discussed if in Hong Kong for more than forty thousands of restaurants for every taste and color, and almost everywhere unrealistic to eat?

I almost don’t eat at home, for several reasons. Firstly is not profitable. No. Not because it is expensive, but because it comes out in restaurants for the same price. And saving time to cook.

And yes, there are very expensive restaurants, but there are no less delicious and very cheap. I ‘ll write more about it .

Secondly, and this is what I wrote, I eat on the shooting. There are so hospitable people that refuse the offered dishes impossible.

And so that’s funny watching. If you see a line to the restaurant, and for Hong Kong it’s normal, it means that there is delicious. And this place is worth defending.

And yes, while you are on facebook, discuss , if I ‘ll call that Chinese woman with my previous post or not, I eat this magical dessert from James Oakley, chef Armani Aqua. And it is unrealistic tasty!