I got the impression that Singapore has become a Mecca for some my friends from Facebook

During these three days, I had a cup of coffee, drink beer, go shopping, meet by chance my forehead and even walk barefoot in the park at night.

And it’s all with different people who I have known only virtually.

Hey, Singapore?

Singapore and returning to Hong Kong-2

I flew to Singapore with a clear setting, it’s a really clean city, there is no smoking on the go, don’t litter, and in general, the princesses don’t poo-poo.

What I saw in the end, I was shocked. Yes, perfectly clean near Marina Bay. And yes, in the district of skyscrapers. To meet the paper there on the causeway is extremely difficult. And yes, people in these areas are smoking so that they aren’t the most noticeable.

Singapore and returning to Hong Kong-3

But to take a step away from hiking trails and get to Little India, for example, or in the same Gaylang, then all the magic of Singapore as an ideal city with a rigid dictatorship immediately destroyed. Shit, spit, smoke … As in any other city.

That’s the question now. Why our hot favorite travel bloggers don’t write about it? Why they support this legend about ideal clean city? Though actually evaluate it so it’s like to evaluate Odessa by only one Deribasovskaia street. Mm?

Singapore and returning to Hong Kong-4

United Airlines pilot joked. Seven in the morning, everyone is sleeping soundly. In such a conspiratorial whisper he: If you don’t sleep, opening the window, we’re flying over very beautiful clouds. I just couldn’t keep from and wanted to share this beauty. Sorry …