Singapore is the city of sex and uniquely beautiful women

Singapore. The second day-2

I even suspect the Government of Singapore in a global conspiracy to attract sexy women in this peaceful and in general quiet town. Well, can’t be here per square meter of so much cute Asians.

And while they look at you so defiantly that not to come and not to try speaking with them is simply unrealistic.

– Excuse me, this way to Temple street? …

Singapore. The second day-3

You could say, the idiot’s dream was fulfilled. I tried a real sandwich with ice cream. And it’s not Hand Made from squared ice cream and a loaf of bread from the 7/11.

This is the ice cream, by the way, tastefully durian is sold on the waterfront in Singapore.

Now you only have to try durian. Connoisseurs- travelers, where could I do it in Singapore?

Singapore. The second day-4

My feets weren’t ready for the thirty degree heat. Yesterday my fall and spring shoes, in which were very comfortable in Hong Kong, turned my feets to bloody blisters.

Flip Flops, a very famous brand sport, purchased by on the occasion in Chinese shop, in turn put additional cons elsewhere.

And now it’s time to light slippers for $ 15, just bought in H & M. I hope I will be enough until the end of my staying in Singapore.

Singapore. The second day-5

Well ok. I did it. Say that it’s very tasty – so rather no than yes.

Chinaman with red hair split it for me in two parts, gave to sniff and seated at a wooden table in the street, among the mountains of the spiny fruits.

By the way, I found this little market by smell. And then I saw these easily recognizable fruits.

In general, the cultural program was a success, went to the hotel to brush my teeth …