Three days is a very short period to understand Singapore. Especially when you work more than half of the day.

But I fell in love with Singapore for its ability to enjoy life. Here is this art is at such a high level and Astatically so imperceptibly that you understand that you bliss out, not immediately

Singapore. The third day-2

In general, Singapore is a city in which I want to go back. Just to live blissing out.

Singapore. The third day-3

Life is good for food photographer. During my stay in Singapore, I paid for the meal few times:

Ice cream – sandwich: 1.5SKD
Little bowl with rice on the market: 3,5 SKD
Durian: 5SKD
And this insanely delicious cookies in Chinese pastry shop in Chinatown: 1.4SKD

At the same time I ate like a hungry horse in the stall of wealthy nobleman. Enjoy and keep calm.

Singapore. The third day-4

In Little India twist flower garlands, smells of delicious food and spices. Else Indian music plays everywhere and creates a magical mood so that I want to dance.

But it is almost impossible to do. In Little India there are so much Indians that apple falls nowhere. And they are just standing. The rare individuals also communicate with each other.

After almost deserted Singapore to see so much people quite strange.

I’m going to try their firm cakes in a vegetarian cafe. They say it’s very tasty.

Singapore. The third day-5

Each of my visiting the souvenir stores ends with disappointment.

I don’t understand this industry. Buy something for the memory and stick on the fridge? Excuse me, but I’d rather take a picture of myself on the background of something and hang out there. Because, the memory it isn’t in things, but in the emotions.

Accepted to bring gifts to relatives who’ve never been there and hardly go? Thank you. One more crap without emotional, manufactured in China and from city to city, from country to country just changes the name.

Fuck relatives need it? To remember with envy about how you felt good? Facebook’s enough.

The only thing I have left for myself is to buy local food instead of souvenirs that can bring.