Feel hot? Steamy? Boiling and smoking? Just imagine that’s a New Year time now. Rather complicated to do so? Let me help you. I even have a present for you. So that you can easily and safely smoke food, drinks and even desserts, instead of smoking yourself under boiling sun.


Only from 27 July to 4 August I’m going to raffle a really cool cooking device Smoking Gun from polyscienceculinary.com. What’s the reason for that?

Because you are a cool dude!

The conditions are so simple:

– repost this post at your blog and page at social networks (instagram, facebook, vk)

– give a link on your reposts in the comments to this post (remember that your profile should be open during the Giveaway time)

– follow my Instagram account @slyadnev

The trick is that you most probably have a few profiles in various social networks, right? It means you can have a few chances to win instead of one. Got it? I’ll assign you a ranking number for each link of this post. And remember that there are Russian and English versions of Food’n’Chef project so that you can share this post in both language and have more chances to win!

Giveaway is valid since the moment of the post’s publication till 4 August, 23.59 EDT (GMT -4). And on 5 August I’ll raffle off all the numbers by random number generator and publish the results in this post.

So don’t lose the time, make a repost and add your comment!

And you should remember that we’ve been smoking all last week? Here are the best recipes from the best chefs from Food’n’Chef projects: