I love to recall my trip to Armenia. It was an exciting and delicious trip. And food was not just delicious, but also served in really generous portions. You have to be in a good physical shape for a tip like that. Starve for a couple of weeks

Today we are going to cook a soup with pomegranate syrup from Ruben Pogosyan, Сhef from Armenia. We’ve already cooked together arisa and an apple pie with raisins and nuts.

Pomegranate is essential in Armenian cuisine. That’s an absolutely necessary component of majority of main courses, appetizers and desserts. Pomegranate is used to cook sauces, dressings, or just for decoration and presentation of dishes.

This is the best reflection of Armenia, a delicious unpredictable country with hot temperament :) It can splash at any moment, can be sweet and sour at the same time.

Soup with Pomegranate Syrup

The main ingredient of our today’s soup is pomegranate sauce Narsharab. It’s produced by evaporating a pomegranate juice and adding different spices: basil, coriander, sugar, cinnamon, pepper, salt.

From Azeri ‘nar’ means a pomegranate, and ‘sharab’ stands for wine.

It adds delicious and original taste to any dish, meat or poultry, or any other. A soup with pomegranate sauce is not an exception.

Soup with Pomegranate Syrup
Recipe Type: Soup
Cuisine: Armenian
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • 1 kg of fresh beef
  • 300 g onion
  • 300 g fresh beetroot
  • 200 g rice
  • 70 g greens
  • 60 g spices
  • 100 ml vegetable oil
  • 100 g narsharab
  • 1.5 kg beet greens
  • 10 g cinnamon
  • 500 g dry pea
  1. Boil the meat at low heat.
  2. Fry the onion at the vegetable oil until golden, add the beetroot and some sugar.
  3. Add the boiled meat, cooked pea, rice, add the meat broth and beetroot and cook for 15 minutes.
  4. minutes before the soup is ready, add narsharab, season with cinnamon and parsley.

If you decide to have an authentic Armenian party, bear in mind the main principle – there should be a lot of dishes. A rich variety of food. And your guests have to try everything, otherwise you have a good reason to get offended at them!

I’ve already told you stories about many Armenian Сhefs, so you have lots of cooking instructions. Aspire!