From Hong Kong to Singapore, I had a night flight that isn’t really very convenient, because sleeping on the plane for four hours is rather difficult. But it wastes less daytime for the flights and let to enjoy the city in which you are flying

By the way, I want to note, I was flying by United Airlines. Singapore’s flight was wonderful. Very tasty air food that I basically can’t stand, polite flight attendants, spacious ranks, I was even able to put my feet up, and it is seen in the photo from the previous post. Well, most importantly, funny captain. Read about him in the link above.

Strange lights over Asian sky-3

But this post is about something else. I fell asleep. The whole plane plunged into darkness, to let people comfortably sleep, near Hindu snored and I passed out under a monotonous hum of the engines.

And at some point, I don’t even know why I abruptly woke up. Just opened my eyes and all. I didn’t want to sleep.

Strange lights over Asian sky-2

I looked out the window and see this beauty, the volume which to transmit through the photo is almost impossible.

I don’t know where we were, over which country or island. But we were flying low enough, I could see these huge lights and compare them with the road and lights above it (see the last picture for comparison).

Strange lights over Asian sky

I can’t even imagine what it is. A feeling that rooftops are growing. They look like portals to other dimensions.

I watched the fascinated on this beauty until the city had disappeared over the horizon. Next came other cities, already with ordinary, familiar illumination for those who fly.

Strange lights over Asian sky-5

Plane gained altitude and we disappeared above the clouds. For hours we flew about half way. At that moment, to ask the flight attendants, where we were, had no reason to. Everyone was asleep. But upon arrival, I simply forgot.

Maybe someone saw this miracle knows it?