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About farting Chinese

Here's what else you can do in Istanbul airport at six in the morning, as not to cut the card under the new standards. And my Italian sim not only survived after this execution, but still fine joined into roaming and even distributes Internet. About this sim I will write separately, so it's very tricky.

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Question about transit and the airport in Kuala Lumpur

Who knows, tells me. If I'm going with stop by different airlines on separate tickets and luggage, could I ask that my luggage was taken to the last arrival airport, and I went to the transit or necessarily need to check in at passport control, go into the city, get luggage and in an hour

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Over Flying to Hong Kong

- The new airport is needed to be built in your town, told me the Turks, who kindly gave me a lift to the airport Ataturk. We have an hour on the highway, and that's enough a little in English , and quite a bit in Russian to talk about Ukraine, national pride of our

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The cheapest way to go to Barcelona

Constantly monitoring different airlines offers and promotions, I Ibump into one important problem. Almost none of the airline doesn't make good discounts on flights to and from Ukraine. So any ways to save on air tickets in our case, unfortunately, don't work. And therefore, the most acceptable alternative is to fly from airport in Kiev

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Hong Kong. Flight.

As I promised, I'm starting a series of posts about Hong Kong, which I visited in October. All photos were taken on the iPhone, so don’t treat them as highly artistic. Shoot “street” is not mine. I just share my experiences. All the way from Odessa to Hong Kong took about one day and a