• Goris baklava recipe from chef Artak Sarkysyan. Try to cook it. And then you’ll see happy faces of your nearest and dearest eating this baklava with zest.

Goris baklava recipe

There is hardly even a single person in this world who doesn’t know about baklava. The history of this dish extends back over 700 years. And it is popular not only in the Eastern countries, it stands as a symbol of sophisticated national delight all over the world. Baklava holds pride of place in the

  • Traditional Armenian gata is sweet dessert and, I suppose, the most popular Armenian cookies recipe. It looks like pies with vanilla filling or puff pastry

Gata – Armenian cookies recipe

Armenian cuisine is surprisingly diverse and somewhat exotic. Culinary traditions of Armenian regions inevitably differ from each other. They’ve been created and perfected over centuries, handed over from family to family, and brightened life of the people with a variety of flavors and aromas. Brave chefs, the Armenians, are fearlessly experimenting with cooking. That is