• Do you want to taste Asian Cuisine? Prawn recipe in Coconut Tempura by Oleg Pashkevich, is eactly want you need.

Coconut Tempura Prawns

When I think about Asian cuisine, one of the first associations, which swam in my head is seafood. And prawns are among them. Asian cuisine is a mix of flavors. They like to combine thigs, which really hard to combine. The recipe, which Oleg Pashkevich gave me, is one of where incongruous products sing together

  • Spinach Dim Sum with Tuna, Smoked Bamboo and Khoi Sauce

Spinach Dim Sum with Tuna, Smoked Bamboo and Khoi Sauce

We’ve talked a lot about ravioli already. I've even prepared a special recipe selection for you to simplify the search. And people loved this dish so much, that invented hundreds of its variants. There are sweet ravioli, with strawberries for example, or classical with cheese. There are no limits at all. And today I'd like

  • Crab with Winter Melon

Crab Claws with Winter Melon

If you like cooking not only cupcakes or cakes, salads and the usual grilled steaks, and prefer something really cool and that’ll make you long for more not only yours - you find a very true recipe. Today I tell you about one of the crab recipes. There crab claws meet the unique winter melon

  • About Hong Kong post and how nice to get a paper card-1

About Hong Kong post and how nice to get a paper card

Settling in a new place, invariably acquire new things that are difficult to transport on the plane because of their hard weight. And so it was, when I returned to Ukraine, a number of things weren’t put in my luggage because of the weight, and not to mention, due to the amount too. So I

  • Hong Kong as a location for photo shoots

Hong Kong as a location for photo shoots

Although I gradually refuse to work with people more and more specialized in food shooting, nevertheless I am fascinated by Hong Kong as a location for portraits. Photo shoot in Hong Kong - it's an adventure, comparable to some amusing tale in which you accidentally hit from under a pen of a crazy writer, enthusiastic

  • About-farting-Chinese-0

About farting Chinese

Here's what else you can do in Istanbul airport at six in the morning, as not to cut the card under the new standards. And my Italian sim not only survived after this execution, but still fine joined into roaming and even distributes Internet. About this sim I will write separately, so it's very tricky.

  • Import in Hong Kong-0

Import in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, everything is being imported. Absolutely everything. Ranging from highly skilled professionals who have lived here for years, becoming almost local, have families here on the place and ending with different products. Here, for example chef of the restaurant, which is on the photo, Italian, hospitable to such an extent that even at

  • Flying home-1

Flying home

Well, that's all. The end of my two-month trip to Hong Kong. This is so sad that I want to escape from the plane, yes yes. Days have been so eventful that I barely remember what happened in the beginning of my journey. And the time before flying to Hong Kong seems to me something

  • The first and the last post about Macau-0

The first and the last post about Macau

Macau is dull in its beauty. Visually, and not only, the city-country can be divided into two parts. Area casinos, where clean, beautiful, and absolutely nothing to do, if you're not a player and the old town, where there is still preserved the spirit of Portugal, which was involved on the Chinese tradition, where dirty,

  • In search of true Hong Kong-0

In search of true Hong Kong

In Hong Kong live skilled salesmen of their city. Any attraction that you see on the tourist map, is not even worth to visit it. Boring and long lines, new temples that replicate history, new monuments. A feeling that in Hong Kong literally five years ago there was nothing to show the people and the