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Victoria Peak – a tourist attraction

I don’t tolerate various tourist spots. What could be hilarious in long queues, huge crowds and basically not interesting place? But in order to make sure that another tourist attraction is a speculation, worth it to go. So came with a very popular and described in all the manuals and travel guides lookout Victoria Peak.

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Time zones, food and about the nature

To live on two time zones is tedious. And given the specificity people from Odessa to up about eleven in the morning and generally start work after lunch, then all of my connection with the motherland begins practically dead of night For example now, as I’m writing this post, I had already managed to have

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Cleanliness in Hong Kong

Hey, I see that on facebook you were touched by my post about the fact that Singapore is a very dirty city. I saw it differently, and in tourist areas clean and incredibly dirty, with cigarettes on the ground and spitting on the sidewalk from the locals. The only point that was confirmed - I

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Language, searching the restaurants and life on the trestles in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is very multicultural city. And not surprisingly, I talk here with the French, Italians and even Scandinavians. And of course with the Chinese, who speak English well, but their pronunciation is poor I already well distinguish Cantonese Chinese from Chinese mainland and can, not always true, but to determine where a particular person

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About food, Odessa and again selfie

I somehow learned to shoot the dishes that I spent no more than fifteen minutes per one I even get compliments from surprised chefs. Type, how can I shoot so fast? They say, had a bad experience with other photographers and are very surprised. Five dishes take me about a half hour, together with time

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Strange lights over Asian sky

From Hong Kong to Singapore, I had a night flight that isn't really very convenient, because sleeping on the plane for four hours is rather difficult. But it wastes less daytime for the flights and let to enjoy the city in which you are flying By the way, I want to note, I was flying

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Where do the washing in Hong Kong?

In my apartments, of about eleven square meters, about which I will write more separately, there is a coffee machine, large double bed and four pillows, so it was more convenient But there is absolutely no washing machine and I somehow missed this moment, when planning a trip. Well, something didn’t occur to my head

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The most beautiful places in Hong Kong

I think it is my favorite intersection in the Hong Kong. I tried to understand why? As in Hong Kong there are bunch of beautiful and glorious places. Then I understood It represents good roads, and then a hole is almost impossible to see here, the beautiful architecture, skyscrapers, Asia bright colors, south, evergreen foliage

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At home, in Hong Kong

All. I'm at home, in Hong Kong. Three hours sleep for the last two days - in my opinion it's overkill. But in the trips it’s impossible another if you want to live full life, and not to act as an existence vegetable in a comfortable hotel I have a day off today, and I'm

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Singapore and returning to Hong Kong

I got the impression that Singapore has become a Mecca for some my friends from Facebook During these three days, I had a cup of coffee, drink beer, go shopping, meet by chance my forehead and even walk barefoot in the park at night. And it's all with different people who I have known only