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Singapore. The third day

Three days is a very short period to understand Singapore. Especially when you work more than half of the day. But I fell in love with Singapore for its ability to enjoy life. Here is this art is at such a high level and Astatically so imperceptibly that you understand that you bliss out, not

  • Singapore. The second day-0

Singapore. The second day

Singapore is the city of sex and uniquely beautiful women I even suspect the Government of Singapore in a global conspiracy to attract sexy women in this peaceful and in general quiet town. Well, can’t be here per square meter of so much cute Asians. And while they look at you so defiantly that not

  • Hong Kong. Third day. Chinese English-2

Hong Kong. Third day. Chinese English

They scared me in Odessa that when I arrive to Hong Kong, it will be difficult for me to communicate, because very few people speak English. But, it is all the fears caused by poor knowledge of the country. In Hong Kong, almost all people know English. Well, I have never met the person there,

  • Hong Kong. Second day. Details.

Hong Kong. Second day. Details.

What immediately caught my eye in the Hong Kong, it's a bunch of different small details that make the atmosphere of any city, anywhere. On this detail you can see evidently the relation of owner to the house. For example, in the hotel. The rooms are practically without details. You can move from city to

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Hong Kong. First day. The smell.

The first thing that I noticed in Hong Kong is a variety of odors. You can’t meet it in Ukraine. We have the same smells. The same smell of streets, the same stink of supermarkets. Equally smells for potatoes, tomatoes and old women in all markets of the country. And McDonald's has the same smell