• Liver pate with beef brains and caramelize red bilberry

Liver Pate with Beef Brains and Caramelize Red Bilberry

Today on our menu is Liver pate with beef brains and caramelize red bilberry. Tasty, delicate, easy to spread on bread and melting in the mouth. Pate - is specially cooked minced meat, poultry, game, eggs, mushrooms and other products. Make a pate can be of a variety of products, but the leaders remained poultry

  • Kofta - kofta recipe beef – it’s a traditional Armenian dish. It’s dedicated to all meat lovers!

Beef Kofta Recipe

I’ve love meat since I was a little boy. I love meat of any kind and any size. Perhaps it is not humane and out of fashion, but I was growing up as very happy and well-fed child. And I’m not complaining at all. Perhaps the coolest meat dish for me were the cutlets. It’s

  • To surprise all your guests, you need to cook ribs, using the instructions of Chiang Mai Pork Ribs!

Chiang Mai Ribs

I've already talked about the fact that the work in the morning in Hong Kong, is very, very rare the case. And it’s hard to find the restaurant where open hours are earlier than 11 am. And for as long as I lived there, I had only a couple of "morning" shoots. And shooting with

  • Inn Side Out - Breased Beef Short Ribs_2

Braised Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Everything is mixed up in Hong Kong. You can easily meet a Hindu in the old-established Hong Kong restaurant, cooking high-Italian cuisine, there are skyscrapers with the holes for dragons to fly through and, at the same time, it’s not easy at all for a person to cross the road. In Hong Kong I stopped

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  • Yan Nguyen, Chef at Martini Terrazza

Asian Style Beef Tartare Recipe

I love meat. I love it madly and tenderly. Juicy meat flesh surprisingly well combines harsh flavours of spices and delicate taste of fibers. Accurately chopped into even cubes, it gives a great mosaic-effect contrast with the bright green of cucumber. It can taste so differently: salty, flat, peppered, hot, sweetish or with a bit

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