• Liver pate with beef brains and caramelize red bilberry

Liver Pate with Beef Brains and Caramelize Red Bilberry

Today on our menu is Liver pate with beef brains and caramelize red bilberry. Tasty, delicate, easy to spread on bread and melting in the mouth. Pate - is specially cooked minced meat, poultry, game, eggs, mushrooms and other products. Make a pate can be of a variety of products, but the leaders remained poultry

  • Vilkovo. Gastronomic journey or how I ate frogs. Part III-11

Where to buy food?

I am a food photographer and for me food has not only the taste, but also the appearance. Often, working with chefs, first of all I ask them to buy the beautiful products. Sometimes I even go with the buyers to their secret places. So I want to share with you these secret places where

  • Hummus with paprika and olive oil-1

Hummus with Paprika and Olive Oil Recipe

I knew for a long time what hummus is, but tasted this dish for the first time just three weeks ago, when I was asked to take pictures by a well-known hummus producer. Its products are sold in supermarkets, and I decided to come and buy some samples of its products to the test. I

  • French Lemon Tart-1

French Lemon Tart

I adore messing around with pastries. There is nothing more interesting than to bake something tasty and as harmful. I have already written that if I didn’t become a photographer, most likely would have chosen the profession of pastry chef or baker. But this recipe of lemon pie is one of my favorite recipe. Since

  • How to choose the most delicious restaurant in the city-0 (1)

How to choose the most delicious restaurant in the city

It’s not a secret that the best criterion for appraisal the restaurant - it's the quality of food. And unfortunately, check out this quality can be only one way. Having tried the few dishes which chef of the institution offers us. About my personal criterion for appraisal the restaurant based on the quality of photos

  • About food, Odessa and again selfie-0 (1)

About food, Odessa and again selfie

I somehow learned to shoot the dishes that I spent no more than fifteen minutes per one I even get compliments from surprised chefs. Type, how can I shoot so fast? They say, had a bad experience with other photographers and are very surprised. Five dishes take me about a half hour, together with time

  • Autumn Krakow with Fujifilm X-M1-0

Autumn Krakow with Fujifilm X-M1

In the end of September, I was able to break out in a wonderful small Polish town Krakow. First of all, to take Chefs for my project Food & Chef, and, what is really there, just reboot after hot and busy work during Odessa’s summer. Although all weather forecast sites cried out that the day

  • Food’n’chef my city-0

Food’n’chef: my city

Today, my native and beloved city celebrates a birthday. I live here, I love this place. It has its own atmosphere. Here live kind and helpful people and the most beautiful girls in the world. My project "Food'n'Chef" I started from here, from Odessa. There are very delicious restaurants in Odessa: perhaps, because of the

  • 5 reasons why the menu should be small-0

5 reasons why the menu should be small

5 reasons why the menu should be small I love restaurants where the menu has a small size. Maximum of ten or fifteen positions - it's very cool. When I go to such restaurants, I understand that each dish is treated with love and that it is reconciled to the smallest detail of taste. After

  • The restaurant “Odessa”. In search of Odessa cuisine in Kiev-0

The restaurant “Odessa”. In search of Odessa cuisine in Kiev

On my recent trip to Kiev, I had great plans to explore Odessa (Black Sea) cuisine. People, forced to leave Odessa, miss it very much. I wanted to visit and “Babel” and “Barkas” and “Arbequina”, but my plans have changed in unexpected ways, and I only had time to go to the newly opened restaurant