• If you think standard curd pudding is boring? New curd pie by Sergey Kutenko is a great alternative! Light dough, a lot of filling, perfect baking for unexpected guests!

Curd Pie from Phyllo Pastry

Phyllo pastry is one of the most popular types of dough, from which you can cook different baking and desserts: strudels, cakes, pies. Phyllo pastry has a minimal number of fat, and almost without any eggs. The layers of phyllo pastry before baking are coated with oil (vegetable or cream), and then you add different

  • Lemon curd - everyone loves it. Like edible sunshine, it brightens pastries and adds awesome zing. Its intense flavor demands attention, charming whoever eats it into a moment of appreciation.

Baked Lemon Curd with Bay Leaves

My world is made of small things. When I realized this simple truth for myself, I became a little happier. Some little things I delight, other ones make me sad. It’s all about this world, and it’s can’t be in another way. I like to drink from large cups. And for a long time I