• Do you want to be a character of a famous serial and eat the famous desserts? Macaroon recipe by Chefs of Make My Cake is an exellent choice.

Macaroon with Berries and Mascarpone Cream

Macaroni - a popular French dessert. It was a favorite delicacy of the French monarchs. Macaroon recipe to France had brought an Italian princess Catherine de Medici. Back in the 16th century, macaroon was a simple biscuits made with almond flour, egg whites and sugar. Absolutely no exotic filling or rainbow colors or cream filling. It was

  • Spanish Dessert

Spanish Dessert – Mix of Lemon Glaze, Flowers, Ice Cream and Cookies

Spain, Spain ... It is associated for me with a permanent fiesta, the joy and food. That only is the story of how I came to the shooting in a restaurant to Jordi Cruz. And in Spanish cuisine there are so many different thing, which really need you attention. The Spanish people are experts in

  • Do you want me to tell you a secret? I have incrediable sabayon recipe by chefs of Make My Cake.

Sabayon with Prosecco and Figs

Thinking about Italian dessert that first comes to mind? Tiramisu, Panna Cotta and of course - sabayon! Sabayon is one of the most popular desserts of Italian cuisine, it is egg cream with wine. Its basis are the egg yolks, sugar and wine. And already in preparing of sabayon you have no boundaries. The wine can

  • Maffin is a dessert, which can be sweet and not sweet. Here it is! That’s why you can deny. There are so many tastes!

Bran-and-Currant Muffin Recipe

I shave once a month. Sometimes less. I was lucky in this respect, with a little hair on my face. I’m not going to be a happy owner of a beard and mustache, but at the same time I do not have a risk to be confused with a homo in the early morning in

  • The cake is very unusual. And it’s not easy to cook it using standard scheme. Near ballet bar is no-bake cake!

No-Bake Pavlova Cake

Ballet is a great art. I have always admired the fine lines of the body, weightless jumps and an amazing ability to show emotions through moving. In this sense, I am a tree. In the ballet, like in the pictures, there are iconic characters and outstanding personalities. Pavlova or PavlovA or, in French manner, has

  • Berry Ravioli Recipe with Strawberries and Mascarpone

Ravioli: Recipe with Strawberries and Mascarpone

Recipes of Italian Cuisine have made famous Italian Chefs all over the world. Unique Italian dessert recipes just fascinate all lovers of sweets. By the way, do you know about the roots of a word “dessert”? In French “dessert” means a final of the meal. And final tasty “chord” must be very special. Dessert recipes

  • Rum Baba-1

Rum Baba

I often cook pastry with my son. We usually work in a kind of tandem. He loves to play with dough, and I like to eat it all. Rum Baba Recipe Recipe Type: Baking Cuisine: French Cuisine Ingredients Dough ingredients: 150 g flour 6 g fresh (pressed) yeast 65 g milk 2 eggs 60 g

  • Foie gras custard with crispy shallot-

Foie gras custard with crispy shallot

Pate is one of my vices. Strong coffee, aromatic roll, smell of freshly cut flowers put in a vase on the table and pate which is spread on the piece of bread by someone you love – this is the best and the most romantic breakfast. Foie gras custard with crispy shallot Recipe Recipe Type:

  • Gugelhupf


Do you want to lose some weight? Actually, this is not the case, if one of your friends is Sergei Borodkin, great pastry Chef from Israel. His weapon, his heavy artillery is bread and buns. A few days ago I watched an excellent video on Tedx.com about overuse of the word 'awesome'. They say there

  • French Lemon Tart-1

French Lemon Tart

I adore messing around with pastries. There is nothing more interesting than to bake something tasty and as harmful. I have already written that if I didn’t become a photographer, most likely would have chosen the profession of pastry chef or baker. But this recipe of lemon pie is one of my favorite recipe. Since