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Penne Pasta Recipe with Chili Sauce

It’s really difficult to write a post about Penne Pasta with Chili Sauce and Arugula if you’re hungry. At such moments I become a hostage of my own food-photos, and can think about food, and nothing else but food. And when a man thinks only about food, he gets very angry, and this affects the

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Cod Fillet with Mixed Herbs Butter

Lots of people like fish, its flavor and taste. And the one, who doesn’t… Well, they don’t understand what they lose. Especially, when you have the recipe of this amazing, low-fat, tasty cod, with mixed herbs butter. I am sure, that after you read this, you will run to the kitchen to if you have

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Les Moules de la Mere Bonnier

Home cooks and "seafood" fans are usually don’t think too much about how to cook mussels. You can eat it without any condiments, or just bake it with cheese. You can say that mussels are delicious themselves and I won’t deny it, but I can tell you how to make them even tastier and reveal

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Burger with Rosemary Aioli and Onion Confiture

If you want to try a new American cuisine, to experience this unforgettable taste - start with this burger with rosemary aioli and onion confiture and garnish: salad with persimmon, chard, walnuts and pomegranate sauce and Dijon mustard. And it’s only aurally seems complicated, because this burger to cook is very easily. Burger with rosemary