• Food Photography Tips - one light

Food Photography Tips – One Light

Some people believe that a professional food photographer is hanged by equipment as Christmas tree is hanged by expensive toys. Sometimes it’s true, but mostly it’s much easier. And in this article I want to dispel the myth about food photographers. And it’s about settling light during the food shooting. You'll be surprised, but in

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Armenia. Symphony of the Stones

If to come down to the Garni Gorge, one can see wonderful assembly of rocks. In Armenia it's simply called Symphony of the Stones. It's very beautiful place but so scary. At the entrance to the gorge, there's local ‘mafia’. A three-minute conversation and thousand dramas — and an active old man allows us to

  • 10 Tips For Beginning Food Photographer Part 2-0

10 Tips For Beginning Food Photographer (Part 2)

This is a second part my article '10 Tips For Beginning Food Photographer' (Read part 1 here). I glad what you like my advices about food photography. It's inspiring to write more and more things about this not easy way. And I promise writing new tips about food photography. And now read second part. Camera

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Armenia. ‘Pickle mafia’ of Molokans

High in the mountains, if to climb above Dilijan in the direction of Alaverdi, there's located a small village named Fioletovo. Russian Old Believers, who were expelled from Russia in czarist days, live here. And I think their descendants are not very upset about this, since it's a great luck to live in such a

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Armenia. Dilijan

'Why don't you eat anything?' – Chef of Tufenkian Restaurants asks me with peculiar Armenian accent. 'You don't eat and I feel ashamed that my guest is hungry! — He complains indignantly after about dozens of delicious dishes. — How can I eat, if you don't? So I won't eat as well!' Arisa. It's traditional

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Armenia. Sevan and road to Dilijan

Armenia is a miraculous country. Every new curve in the road, every new turn opens wonderful and completely different scenery. As soon as you leave Yerevan, your mouth hangs open with astonishment and it can be closed only by your fellow traveller. I'd like to emphasize once more that my trip to Armenia is solely

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Armenia. Goris that I wasn’t able to see

We entered Goris – a town in south-east part of the country – when it had already got dark. According to locals, just a few hours ago the weather was sunny and it was +18°C. But we were met with fog and snowflakes. The aim of the whole trip is the Tatev monastery and Tatevatun

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Armenia. Noravank

In the vicinity of Yerevan, just in 130 km, in a deep, long and extremely picturesque gorge there is hidden an ancient monastery named Noravank . It's a beautiful complex with equally beautiful views of the gorge. People say that during Soviet times it was difficult to access the monastery, but later on several mountains

  • Armenia. Road to Goris-1

Armenia. Road to Goris

You just need to travel several kilometres inland from Yerevan, and nature changes completely. The mountains that used to be somewhere there become enormous and inviting, and raise that feeling of dominance. This is where you feel yourself small and begin to understand that a man is just one of the links of God's chain.

  • Armenia. Nation of inventors-1

Armenia. Nation of inventors

The Armenians adore jokes. They make fun with extremely serious posture, and it's very hard to define the line between humour and serious things – this line is rather vague. Imagine that peculiar Armenian accent – And now - lamb roll! – A lamb roll? Like Japanese? – No way! Armenian! In fact, the Japanese