• Vilkovo. Gastronomic journey or how I ate frogs. Part III-11

Where to buy food?

I am a food photographer and for me food has not only the taste, but also the appearance. Often, working with chefs, first of all I ask them to buy the beautiful products. Sometimes I even go with the buyers to their secret places. So I want to share with you these secret places where

  • Roasted Venison Filet, Aromatic «Pomme Anna» _ Black Trumpet Mushroom, Sauce Venison-1

Roasted Venison Filet, Aromatic «Pomme Anna» & Black Trumpet Mushroom, Sauce Venison

Snails, croissants, and onion soup. These associations with French cuisine know even schoolchildren, who think that nothing in this world tastes better than pizza and one famous fast food chain. However, all of these dishes are just a top of one of the French cooking hill. Roasted Venison Filet, Aromatic «Pomme Anna» & Black Trumpet

  • Burger with Rosemary Aioli and Onion Confiture-1

Burger with Rosemary Aioli and Onion Confiture

If you want to try a new American cuisine, to experience this unforgettable taste - start with this burger with rosemary aioli and onion confiture and garnish: salad with persimmon, chard, walnuts and pomegranate sauce and Dijon mustard. And it’s only aurally seems complicated, because this burger to cook is very easily. Burger with rosemary

  • Hummus with paprika and olive oil-1

Hummus with Paprika and Olive Oil Recipe

I knew for a long time what hummus is, but tasted this dish for the first time just three weeks ago, when I was asked to take pictures by a well-known hummus producer. Its products are sold in supermarkets, and I decided to come and buy some samples of its products to the test. I

  • French Lemon Tart-1

French Lemon Tart

I adore messing around with pastries. There is nothing more interesting than to bake something tasty and as harmful. I have already written that if I didn’t become a photographer, most likely would have chosen the profession of pastry chef or baker. But this recipe of lemon pie is one of my favorite recipe. Since

  • Rabbit with Salad, Goat Cheese and Berries Recipe

Rabbit with Salad, Goat Cheese and Berries Recipe

Dishes with rabbit is a super hit of Maltese cuisine. In restaurants of Malta you can try tender rabbit meat stewed in white wine with capers and herbs, rabbit stew with cream sauce, and even roasted slices of fennec (fennec is Maltese name of rabbit) with goat cheese. But not only Maltese cooks know how

  • New and unordinary combination of maine lobster and linguine, it’s the answer to the question of cooking lobster. Lobster and linguine recipe dead ahead!

Lobster with Bird’s Nest and Egg White

Sasha, relax. This is your first Michelin-starred chef. Relax, Sasha. Who could know that only a year after I started my Food’n’Chef Project, which was expected to be just a local project about local chefs, I would work with a chef from another continent and moreover – a chef with a Michelin Star! My trip

  • Sandwich of Privoz porter

Sandwich of “Privoz” porter

The greatest restaurant of Odessa Cuisine - it’s Clarabara. Yes, in heart of City Garden, near Deribasovskaya Street. In Odessa there are many good restaurants, but to eat Odessa Cuisine I go to Clarabara. And Chef of this great restaurant share recipe of Sandwich recipe with sprat to my project Food'n'Chef. Alexey Menyailov: I’ve chosen

  • Half meter of sausages-1

Half meter of sausages

Rejoice meat eaters and become sullen those, who eat only vegetable food. Half meter of sausage! This is a traditional Ukrainian dish with salo! Half meter of sausages Recipe Recipe Type: Meat and poultry Cuisine: Ukrainian Cuisine Ingredients For 1kg of pork Salo (English - bacon or lard) - 400 g 8-10 cloves of garlic

  • Tuna steak with Soba noodles-1

Tuna steak with Soba noodles

People can be divided in two groups. Some like tuna and others prefer salmon. I belong to the second group. Salmon is just better, it's more succulent and has a richer taste. I have long arguments with my friends - tuna-admirers on this topic. Tuna steak with Soba noodles Recipe Recipe Type: Seafood Cuisine: Chineese