• If your soul need something unusual and original, I will surprize you with new prawn recipe with mango sause. There is very important showpiece in collection!

Fried King Prawns in Mango Sauce

Prawns are very useful product and consist of useful properties and elements. It practically has no fat, but a lot of protein. Doctors recommend eating prawns 2 times a week, and then not being afraid of spring vitamin deficiency and the risk of getting the flu in the winter. So the prawn is not only

  • The taste of guacamole is not a usual thing. It’s a fresh, oily and fruity story. Chef of Bernardazzi shared it with us.

Guacamole with shrimp ceviche

Guacamole is sauce, but rather an appetizer made of avocado. This is traditional Mexican dish. Although not Mexican. It has become wildly popular among the appetizers and supercedes all over the world. History of guacamole goes far in the past century. It is believed that the Aztecs opened the guacamole recipe, but there is no

  • Kofta - kofta recipe beef – it’s a traditional Armenian dish. It’s dedicated to all meat lovers!

Beef Kofta Recipe

I’ve love meat since I was a little boy. I love meat of any kind and any size. Perhaps it is not humane and out of fashion, but I was growing up as very happy and well-fed child. And I’m not complaining at all. Perhaps the coolest meat dish for me were the cutlets. It’s

  • Lemon curd - everyone loves it. Like edible sunshine, it brightens pastries and adds awesome zing. Its intense flavor demands attention, charming whoever eats it into a moment of appreciation.

Baked Lemon Curd with Bay Leaves

My world is made of small things. When I realized this simple truth for myself, I became a little happier. Some little things I delight, other ones make me sad. It’s all about this world, and it’s can’t be in another way. I like to drink from large cups. And for a long time I

  • Biscuit Cake with Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Biscuit Cake with Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Of all seasons, most of all I love spring. Summer is too hot for me, winter is not too cold and I always want to sleep like a bear in the forest. And fall is too slushy, wet, and all life is fading. It’s too slushy and wet in the spring too. But spring is

  • To surprise all your guests, you need to cook ribs, using the instructions of Chiang Mai Pork Ribs!

Chiang Mai Ribs

I've already talked about the fact that the work in the morning in Hong Kong, is very, very rare the case. And it’s hard to find the restaurant where open hours are earlier than 11 am. And for as long as I lived there, I had only a couple of "morning" shoots. And shooting with

  • If you ever tried to cook homemade fish cake, you need to try Fish Mousse Cake by our chef!

Siam Fish Mousse Cake

There are so many different variations how to cook fish. Fish can be fried, and smoked and cooked, and you can do steak, salad, and .... it’s to the end of the list. And today I want to tell you about a new recipe that chef of the restaurant Namo from Hong Kong has shared

  • Maffin is a dessert, which can be sweet and not sweet. Here it is! That’s why you can deny. There are so many tastes!

Bran-and-Currant Muffin Recipe

I shave once a month. Sometimes less. I was lucky in this respect, with a little hair on my face. I’m not going to be a happy owner of a beard and mustache, but at the same time I do not have a risk to be confused with a homo in the early morning in

  • Fish recipes and seafood recipes by best Michelin star chefs. Best Michelin recipes is here. Do you want to surprise? Do you want something dramatically? Instructions are below…

Seven Awesome Seafood Recipes by Michelin Starred Chefs

We’ll talk about professionals today. The best of the best. Michelin best chefs. Today we have the most exclusive and incredible. I was looking for them and gathered in different parts of the world, and represent the best that could be found. On the agenda are the 7 best recipes from Michelin category "Seafood". Here

  • Vilkovo. Gastronomic journey or how I ate frogs. Part III-11

Where to buy food?

I am a food photographer and for me food has not only the taste, but also the appearance. Often, working with chefs, first of all I ask them to buy the beautiful products. Sometimes I even go with the buyers to their secret places. So I want to share with you these secret places where