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Macaroon with Berries and Mascarpone Cream

Macaroni - a popular French dessert. It was a favorite delicacy of the French monarchs. Macaroon recipe to France had brought an Italian princess Catherine de Medici. Back in the 16th century, macaroon was a simple biscuits made with almond flour, egg whites and sugar. Absolutely no exotic filling or rainbow colors or cream filling. It was

  • Dark Chocolate «Supreme» with Hazelnuts and Coffee-Orange Sauce-1

Dark Chocolate «Supreme» with Hazelnuts and Coffee-Orange Sauce

To be honest, it was not very easy to get permission to shoot Patrick. After all, the status of World Pastry Champion is serious obligation. Chocolate "supreme" with hazelnuts and coffee-orange sauce Recipe Recipe Type: Dessert Cuisine: French Cuisine Ingredients Hazelnut Crust: 300 g Butter 300 g Cane sugar 300g Hazelnuts Hazelnut "supreme": 625 g