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Pan-Fried Atlantic Cod Filet with Ratatouille

Today I realized how much I miss Hong Kong with its atmosphere, people, and all sorts of fuss and adventures that happened to me there. I fell in love with this city, and it does not let me go even in my minds. PAN-FRIED ATLANTIC COD FILET WITH RATATOUILLE Recipe Recipe Type: Seafood Cuisine: French

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Country Duck Terrine with Pistachio

Singapore... a city that I have been conquered by. Not in a single moment, and not at first sight, but I fell in love with it. City of nice people, great food, and beautiful architecture. You can look at my adventure in this glorious city in my blog. Country Duck Terrine with Pistachio Recipe Recipe Type:

  • Do you look for the best salmon recipe? It’s right here! Baked salmon together with carrot, ginger and herbs. Wonderful salmon dish…

Roasted Salmon Steak Recipe

I like salmon. And I like all kinds of cooked salmon. I wrote once about this, but I’ll write again. And again, and again, until I have enough of it, which is very unlikely to happen. And, of course, I collect salmon recipes and cook salmon dishes, as for example that Salad with new potatoes