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Hong Kong – the city that eats energy

Plump all night with chef of Michelin restaurant probably was a bad idea. It seemed to me so in the morning when I barely opened my eyes to his shooting, but certainly not the previous evening. Generally this fantastic idea to get here by my favorite schedule and get up at 6:30 in the morning,

  • Nightlife of Russian girls in Hong Kong-1

Nightlife of Russian girls in Hong Kong

To some extent, nightclubs in LKF, as in principle throughout Asia remind me a piece of our homeland. Firstly, you don’t understand what's going on here, why there are so much Slavic girls. Then you heard Russian speech, and talk with several often guests of nightclubs, everything falls into place. No, I knew about this

  • Hiking in Hong Kong-0

Hiking in Hong Kong

Listen to American in a professional gear for hiking, dressed in sordid shorts and with an iPhone, packed in a plastic bag to protect against sweat was a bad idea. Yes, yes, he says. This is a good track, not complicated at all. Almost like a walk along the seafront ... Hour, an hour, we

  • About how to close the luggage during the flights and selfie again-0

About how to close the luggage during the flights and selfie again

During the flights for fixing my luggage I use such disposable locks Firstly, there are no troubles with keys, codes, etc. Secondly, in some countries the usual baggage locks at customs are cut if they aren’t adapted to the master key. And third, they can easily be opened. And these, if they are cut, probably

  • Photoshoot in Hong Kong and Lan Kwai Fong-0

Photoshoot in Hong Kong and Lan Kwai Fong

Ooh, what I like in Hong Kong, so it's a play of light and its diversity. You can stand in one place and just turning in different directions, doing completely different pictures Ray of sunlight reflected from the mirrored windows of a nearby building and passing through the leaky cornice creates a light phantasmagoria, that

  • Place of the case and about heaven signages-0

Place of the case and about heaven signages

In Hong Kong, there is a left-hand traffic . Legacy of colonization UK. But even Hong Kong - it is a paradise of signages, signs and other arrows For example, on a crosswalk necessarily thick written Look Left or Right. Who what likes. They clearly understood here that if you want to bring something to

  • Shave whether beard and about delicious food in Hong Kong-0

Shave whether beard and about delicious food in Hong Kong

Historically, my beard grow very dock-tailed and if earlier , at the time the green youth, I shave every few days , it has been more than a year I scored on smooth cheeks and once in two weeks pass trimmer, leaving a couple of millimeters and waiting for my beard starts to itch Very

  • How much do you cost-0

How much do you cost?

I was leaning against a pole with a camera after a long running in the streets and admire the play of light on the faces of people, cars and skyscrapers ... There was something majestic about it, people coming out of the shadows, squinting at first, and then, smiling to the sun, passed on, hurrying

  • About equipment and processing-0

About equipment and processing

That looks something like this when I used to lay my travel kit equipment. Casket, and in another casket, casket and so on. All packed so as to minimize mechanical shock at the equipment. It certainly imposes its limitations. In addition to speed folding and unfolding, because I need to undo every zipper, open each

  • Victoria Peak – a tourist attraction-0

Victoria Peak – a tourist attraction

I don’t tolerate various tourist spots. What could be hilarious in long queues, huge crowds and basically not interesting place? But in order to make sure that another tourist attraction is a speculation, worth it to go. So came with a very popular and described in all the manuals and travel guides lookout Victoria Peak.