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Hong Kong. The fifth day

Just five days since I arrived in Hong Kong. I planned this trip for almost a year and it took several more months for the organization The hardest part of such long journeys - is to organize for yourself a normal life. Not a tourist entertainment, although the place for tourism there is of course,

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Christmas in Hong Kong: two views of the street celebrations

Catholic Christmas is celebrated from the 24th to the 25th of December. It's a family holiday, which is often performed at home with loved ones. But lots of families are selected before the meal to the city for a small promenade Well, in principle, even more, not only the family and small group of young

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Over Flying to Hong Kong

- The new airport is needed to be built in your town, told me the Turks, who kindly gave me a lift to the airport Ataturk. We have an hour on the highway, and that's enough a little in English , and quite a bit in Russian to talk about Ukraine, national pride of our

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Hong Kong. Third day. Chinese English

They scared me in Odessa that when I arrive to Hong Kong, it will be difficult for me to communicate, because very few people speak English. But, it is all the fears caused by poor knowledge of the country. In Hong Kong, almost all people know English. Well, I have never met the person there,

  • Hong Kong. Second day. Details.

Hong Kong. Second day. Details.

What immediately caught my eye in the Hong Kong, it's a bunch of different small details that make the atmosphere of any city, anywhere. On this detail you can see evidently the relation of owner to the house. For example, in the hotel. The rooms are practically without details. You can move from city to

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Hong Kong. First day. The smell.

The first thing that I noticed in Hong Kong is a variety of odors. You can’t meet it in Ukraine. We have the same smells. The same smell of streets, the same stink of supermarkets. Equally smells for potatoes, tomatoes and old women in all markets of the country. And McDonald's has the same smell

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Hong Kong. Flight.

As I promised, I'm starting a series of posts about Hong Kong, which I visited in October. All photos were taken on the iPhone, so don’t treat them as highly artistic. Shoot “street” is not mine. I just share my experiences. All the way from Odessa to Hong Kong took about one day and a