• Hong Kong with Fujifilm X-M1-1

Hong Kong with Fujifilm X-M1

Hong Kong is a splendid city, where European approach combines with Asian aura. Hong Kong can be hardly compared with any other city. It is so unique, that just around the next corner you find yourself in a completely different atmosphere. All you want to do is to take your camera and never stop shooting...

  • If we talk about Italian recipes, at the one of the first places we can find carpaccio recipe. If you are bored with standard carpaccio of beef, today we want to introduce Scallop Carpaccio, Soft Cooked Egg and White Truffle Dressing

Scallop Carpaccio Recipe

Interesting thing, but I had met Harlan in Hong Kong more then 10 times. He is a really cool guy, very charismatic, looks so strict and cold, but in the meantime, very enthusiastic with the photoshoot. “Boom, Boom, it’s cool! It’s so cool!”, -he said, looking at my photos of him and his dish. The

  • Pan-Fried Atlantic Cod Filet with Ratatouille-0

Pan-Fried Atlantic Cod Filet with Ratatouille

Today I realized how much I miss Hong Kong with its atmosphere, people, and all sorts of fuss and adventures that happened to me there. I fell in love with this city, and it does not let me go even in my minds. PAN-FRIED ATLANTIC COD FILET WITH RATATOUILLE Recipe Recipe Type: Seafood Cuisine: French

  • Marinated Duck with Chanterelles Gris and Black Pudding, Served with Pickled Cherries-1

Marinated Duck with Chanterelles Gris and Black Pudding, Served with Pickled Cherries

Do you have a couple of hours to prepare a special dish? And a couple of hours to find and prepare all 40 ingredients? Do you like the small duck? But don’t want the banal taste? Do you adore delicacies and try something new, so later to tell about this your friends? Well, okay, that's

  • About Hong Kong post and how nice to get a paper card-1

About Hong Kong post and how nice to get a paper card

Settling in a new place, invariably acquire new things that are difficult to transport on the plane because of their hard weight. And so it was, when I returned to Ukraine, a number of things weren’t put in my luggage because of the weight, and not to mention, due to the amount too. So I

  • Hong Kong as a location for photo shoots

Hong Kong as a location for photo shoots

Although I gradually refuse to work with people more and more specialized in food shooting, nevertheless I am fascinated by Hong Kong as a location for portraits. Photo shoot in Hong Kong - it's an adventure, comparable to some amusing tale in which you accidentally hit from under a pen of a crazy writer, enthusiastic

  • Import in Hong Kong-0

Import in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, everything is being imported. Absolutely everything. Ranging from highly skilled professionals who have lived here for years, becoming almost local, have families here on the place and ending with different products. Here, for example chef of the restaurant, which is on the photo, Italian, hospitable to such an extent that even at

  • Flying home-1

Flying home

Well, that's all. The end of my two-month trip to Hong Kong. This is so sad that I want to escape from the plane, yes yes. Days have been so eventful that I barely remember what happened in the beginning of my journey. And the time before flying to Hong Kong seems to me something

  • Faerie cold in Hong Kong and what to do in Hong Kong-0

Faerie cold in Hong Kong and what to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong this week was attacked by wild cold. Yesterday, today the temperature is about eight degrees. And considering that last week was a plus twenty, and I almost wore a T-shirt, a sharp temperature drop is perceived quite painful. German tourists in shorts are blissing out, dancing on the sidewalks in their flip-flops, wearing

  • In search of true Hong Kong-0

In search of true Hong Kong

In Hong Kong live skilled salesmen of their city. Any attraction that you see on the tourist map, is not even worth to visit it. Boring and long lines, new temples that replicate history, new monuments. A feeling that in Hong Kong literally five years ago there was nothing to show the people and the