• Spanish Dessert

Spanish Dessert – Mix of Lemon Glaze, Flowers, Ice Cream and Cookies

Spain, Spain ... It is associated for me with a permanent fiesta, the joy and food. That only is the story of how I came to the shooting in a restaurant to Jordi Cruz. And in Spanish cuisine there are so many different thing, which really need you attention. The Spanish people are experts in

  • The most delicious ice cream-0

The most delicious ice cream

The most delicious ice cream I've ever tasted was in Prague in the Cafe Angelato. Biljana, hostess cafe, on the basis of Italian gelatin creates just incredible things. Biljana Kebakoska Dimitrijević, Angelato café On the second place in my list of the tastiest ice cream is naturally that Italian gelatin, which I ate in a

  • Singapore. The second day-0

Singapore. The second day

Singapore is the city of sex and uniquely beautiful women I even suspect the Government of Singapore in a global conspiracy to attract sexy women in this peaceful and in general quiet town. Well, can’t be here per square meter of so much cute Asians. And while they look at you so defiantly that not