• Lamb Chop with Herbs and Foie Gras-1

Lamb Chop with Herbs and Foie Gras

- Easy, be easy – That’s how I, breathless and five minutes late, was met by Thomas with a smile of Eastern Sage, who knows all the mysteries of the world. - You want some water? And maybe you want to have dinner before shooting? Polish hospitality is really amazing. I did ask for some

  • Autumn Krakow with Fujifilm X-M1-0

Autumn Krakow with Fujifilm X-M1

In the end of September, I was able to break out in a wonderful small Polish town Krakow. First of all, to take Chefs for my project Food & Chef, and, what is really there, just reboot after hot and busy work during Odessa’s summer. Although all weather forecast sites cried out that the day