• New and unordinary combination of maine lobster and linguine, it’s the answer to the question of cooking lobster. Lobster and linguine recipe dead ahead!

Lobster Linguine

Sometimes you meet a person, and there is a feeling that you know him for a million years! And inside is a pleasant feeling and you always have the topic for conversation, and there is a convenient minute for joke, and most importantly time flies ... And if we are in an incredible Hong Kong

  • Sea Food Platter-1

Sea Food Platter

Actually Socialito is quite popular nightclub in Hong Kong, but during daylight it turns into a restaurant for those who are bored by sleepovers. Sea Food Platter Recipe Recipe Type: Seafood Cuisine: Chilean Cuisine Ingredients For the Amaebi Marinate 1 T Chopped Parsley 1 T Minced Thyme 1 Lemon, Zested 1 Orange Zested 1 T

  • Recipe of lobster in vanilla sauce

Recipe of lobster in vanilla sauce and how glasses helped me to become photographer for one of the best Kyiv restaurants

If you have a bad sight, then you'll understand what I mean, when you look at the picture below. This is how I saw the world the biggest part of my life, because I refused to wear glasses. I thought they were ugly. Lobster with Vanilla Sauce, Sreen Pea Mousse and Black Caviar Recipe Recipe