• Cuttlefish? How to cook cuttlefish? I don’t have any pleasant associations in my head, but it’s a deception. We have an absolutely lovely cuttlefish recipe.

Cuttlefish Black and White

When Luigi brought me this dish, I thought: ‘Oh my God, what on Earth is this? Some kind of Italian Yin and Yang? How will I shoot this? I spent around 5 minutes looking at the dish and thinking hard and also telling jokes to a pretty waitress who volunteered to help me in this

  • Рецепт салата с кальмарами с лисичками и кровяной колбасой

Squid with Fennel, Mushrooms and Black Sausage

Now, when more than half a year past since that time, I’m writing a little intro to the recipe of the wonderful chef Oriol Ivern with a Michelin star, and once again I’m plunging into the atmosphere of one of my favorite cities - Barcelona. I already had a post about my love to this

  • If we talk about Italian recipes, at the one of the first places we can find carpaccio recipe. If you are bored with standard carpaccio of beef, today we want to introduce Scallop Carpaccio, Soft Cooked Egg and White Truffle Dressing

Scallop Carpaccio Recipe

Interesting thing, but I had met Harlan in Hong Kong more then 10 times. He is a really cool guy, very charismatic, looks so strict and cold, but in the meantime, very enthusiastic with the photoshoot. “Boom, Boom, it’s cool! It’s so cool!”, -he said, looking at my photos of him and his dish. The

  • Crab with Winter Melon

Crab Claws with Winter Melon

If you like cooking not only cupcakes or cakes, salads and the usual grilled steaks, and prefer something really cool and that’ll make you long for more not only yours - you find a very true recipe. Today I tell you about one of the crab recipes. There crab claws meet the unique winter melon

  • Roe Deer Loin with Piedmont Aromatic Cheese Fondue and Foie Gras-1

Roe Deer Loin with Piedmont Aromatic Cheese Fondue and Foie Gras

If you want something that is impossible to cook well without visiting the coolest deli in the city, without wandering through the benches with cheeses and not only - this recipe is for you. It's also for you if in the freezer roe deer loin is waiting for its 15 minutes of fame. It by

  • Do you look for the best salmon recipe? It’s right here! Baked salmon together with carrot, ginger and herbs. Wonderful salmon dish…

Roasted Salmon Steak Recipe

I like salmon. And I like all kinds of cooked salmon. I wrote once about this, but I’ll write again. And again, and again, until I have enough of it, which is very unlikely to happen. And, of course, I collect salmon recipes and cook salmon dishes, as for example that Salad with new potatoes