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Thai food in Kuala Lumpur

Thai food, says gorgeous, talented but very humble chef Korn Yodsuk, first it’s enjoying the view . Then the pleasure of taste. And only then feelings come to replace I do not know when in my sore body, forced by insomnia, and came feelings. I think they were with me when I was trying everything

  • Language, searching the restaurants and life on the trestles in Hong Kong-0

Language, searching the restaurants and life on the trestles in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is very multicultural city. And not surprisingly, I talk here with the French, Italians and even Scandinavians. And of course with the Chinese, who speak English well, but their pronunciation is poor I already well distinguish Cantonese Chinese from Chinese mainland and can, not always true, but to determine where a particular person

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Autumn Krakow with Fujifilm X-M1

In the end of September, I was able to break out in a wonderful small Polish town Krakow. First of all, to take Chefs for my project Food & Chef, and, what is really there, just reboot after hot and busy work during Odessa’s summer. Although all weather forecast sites cried out that the day

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Food’n’chef: my city

Today, my native and beloved city celebrates a birthday. I live here, I love this place. It has its own atmosphere. Here live kind and helpful people and the most beautiful girls in the world. My project "Food'n'Chef" I started from here, from Odessa. There are very delicious restaurants in Odessa: perhaps, because of the

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5 reasons why the menu should be small

5 reasons why the menu should be small I love restaurants where the menu has a small size. Maximum of ten or fifteen positions - it's very cool. When I go to such restaurants, I understand that each dish is treated with love and that it is reconciled to the smallest detail of taste. After

  • The restaurant “Odessa”. In search of Odessa cuisine in Kiev-0

The restaurant “Odessa”. In search of Odessa cuisine in Kiev

On my recent trip to Kiev, I had great plans to explore Odessa (Black Sea) cuisine. People, forced to leave Odessa, miss it very much. I wanted to visit and “Babel” and “Barkas” and “Arbequina”, but my plans have changed in unexpected ways, and I only had time to go to the newly opened restaurant

  • Rabbit with Salad, Goat Cheese and Berries Recipe

Rabbit with Salad, Goat Cheese and Berries Recipe

Dishes with rabbit is a super hit of Maltese cuisine. In restaurants of Malta you can try tender rabbit meat stewed in white wine with capers and herbs, rabbit stew with cream sauce, and even roasted slices of fennec (fennec is Maltese name of rabbit) with goat cheese. But not only Maltese cooks know how

  • New and unordinary combination of maine lobster and linguine, it’s the answer to the question of cooking lobster. Lobster and linguine recipe dead ahead!

Lobster with Bird’s Nest and Egg White

Sasha, relax. This is your first Michelin-starred chef. Relax, Sasha. Who could know that only a year after I started my Food’n’Chef Project, which was expected to be just a local project about local chefs, I would work with a chef from another continent and moreover – a chef with a Michelin Star! My trip

  • Sandwich of Privoz porter

Sandwich of “Privoz” porter

The greatest restaurant of Odessa Cuisine - it’s Clarabara. Yes, in heart of City Garden, near Deribasovskaya Street. In Odessa there are many good restaurants, but to eat Odessa Cuisine I go to Clarabara. And Chef of this great restaurant share recipe of Sandwich recipe with sprat to my project Food'n'Chef. Alexey Menyailov: I’ve chosen

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Half meter of sausages

Rejoice meat eaters and become sullen those, who eat only vegetable food. Half meter of sausage! This is a traditional Ukrainian dish with salo! Half meter of sausages Recipe Recipe Type: Meat and poultry Cuisine: Ukrainian Cuisine Ingredients For 1kg of pork Salo (English - bacon or lard) - 400 g 8-10 cloves of garlic