• Gorgeous risotto recipe with Mushrooms and Scallops by the winner of “Hell’s Kitchen” Daria Grosutskaya. Perfect combination of mushrooms, seafood and flavoured herbs!

Risotto with Mushrooms and Scallops

Risotto is a true culinary symbol of Italy. I have heard many stories, how this wonderful dish is appeared. Most of all I liked the beautiful legend of the journeyman Valerio, who painted the famous stained glass windows in the cathedral of Milan. As the bright yellow paint during that times was saffron. Once Valerio

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Risotto with saffron and Black Sea mussels

I love risotto! And to say the truth, I always order this dish in restaurants, whenever I can. That’s why I’ve never cooked it by myself. Risotto with saffron and Black Sea mussels Recipe Recipe Type: Main Dishes Cuisine: Italian Cuisine Serves: 2 Ingredients Carnaroli rice 140 g Mussels 600 g Chicken stock 600 ml