• How to put it correctly – dorado or dorada? Well, I know for sure, the answer is “very tasty”! Dorado fish with vegetable tagliatelle from the chef Dariya Grasnitskaya will win the hearts of the most demanding foodies.

Dorado Fish with Vegetable Tagliatelle

How to spell it correctly – dorado or dorada? Well, I know for sure, the answer is “very tasty”! As for the correct spelling, consult the Wikipedia. In fact, this world-famous fish has a lot of names: aurata, sparus, lampuka and even dolphin fish. In American restaurants it is called dorade, in Italy – orata,

  • Today we prepare for you something special, langoustine recipe with crab cookies. Don’t you believe? Push the link!

Roasted Langoustine with Crab Cookies and Veal Leg Salad

If you hear something about Hong Kong the first thing that pops in your head is that it is absolutely modern, mod, huge-scale city, where there was some incredible miracle. No wonder it is called the "Asian tigers". Hong Kong id fast-moving, impresses with its volume, territories, but at the same time showing your color!

  • Les Moules de la Mere Bonnier-1

Les Moules de la Mere Bonnier

Home cooks and "seafood" fans are usually don’t think too much about how to cook mussels. You can eat it without any condiments, or just bake it with cheese. You can say that mussels are delicious themselves and I won’t deny it, but I can tell you how to make them even tastier and reveal

  • Crab with Winter Melon

Crab Claws with Winter Melon

If you like cooking not only cupcakes or cakes, salads and the usual grilled steaks, and prefer something really cool and that’ll make you long for more not only yours - you find a very true recipe. Today I tell you about one of the crab recipes. There crab claws meet the unique winter melon

  • Salmon Tartare Recipe with Avocado

Salmon Tartare Recipe with Avocado

Generally, tartare - is, in Greek mythology, a deep abyss, in depth comparable to the height of the sky. And funny, that this delicious snack is also called tartare. But don’t talk about things. For me tartare, put it crudely, is chopped minced raw meat, which is served on a plate, presenting a full meal.

  • Do you look for the best salmon recipe? It’s right here! Baked salmon together with carrot, ginger and herbs. Wonderful salmon dish…

Roasted Salmon Steak Recipe

I like salmon. And I like all kinds of cooked salmon. I wrote once about this, but I’ll write again. And again, and again, until I have enough of it, which is very unlikely to happen. And, of course, I collect salmon recipes and cook salmon dishes, as for example that Salad with new potatoes

  • Prawn Jalfrezi

Prawn Jalfrezi

Open a page of the chef, who created this recipe. Look into his eyes. Do you see astonishment and a bit of surprise? At first I spent lots of time looking for a place in the restaurant to take a picture of Roman. And I couldn’t find any. That’s why I had to take him