• Sea Food Platter-1

Sea Food Platter

Actually Socialito is quite popular nightclub in Hong Kong, but during daylight it turns into a restaurant for those who are bored by sleepovers. Sea Food Platter Recipe Recipe Type: Seafood Cuisine: Chilean Cuisine Ingredients For the Amaebi Marinate 1 T Chopped Parsley 1 T Minced Thyme 1 Lemon, Zested 1 Orange Zested 1 T

  • Prawn Jalfrezi

Prawn Jalfrezi

Open a page of the chef, who created this recipe. Look into his eyes. Do you see astonishment and a bit of surprise? At first I spent lots of time looking for a place in the restaurant to take a picture of Roman. And I couldn’t find any. That’s why I had to take him