• How to recharge the account in the extinct city and about tangerine’s mood-0

How to recharge the account in the extinct city and about tangerine’s mood

Today, here in Hong Kong in the morning was going superrealism. On the streets there are no cars, no people. All the shops are closed, empty and quiet. And only in the distance running a police siren, which means that the city has refused to die and it’s not a post-apocalyptic picture. It turns out

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Hong Kong – the city that eats energy

Plump all night with chef of Michelin restaurant probably was a bad idea. It seemed to me so in the morning when I barely opened my eyes to his shooting, but certainly not the previous evening. Generally this fantastic idea to get here by my favorite schedule and get up at 6:30 in the morning,

  • Nightlife of Russian girls in Hong Kong-1

Nightlife of Russian girls in Hong Kong

To some extent, nightclubs in LKF, as in principle throughout Asia remind me a piece of our homeland. Firstly, you don’t understand what's going on here, why there are so much Slavic girls. Then you heard Russian speech, and talk with several often guests of nightclubs, everything falls into place. No, I knew about this

  • Hiking in Hong Kong-0

Hiking in Hong Kong

Listen to American in a professional gear for hiking, dressed in sordid shorts and with an iPhone, packed in a plastic bag to protect against sweat was a bad idea. Yes, yes, he says. This is a good track, not complicated at all. Almost like a walk along the seafront ... Hour, an hour, we

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Funny pilots in United Airlines

I have a feeling that United Airlines pilots are selected for their healthy American humor. I could see the interview at the head office: -Do you know how to drive this large machine? - Yes . - And to joke during the flight ? - Yes, no question! I wrote how the pilot joked during

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The most delicious ice cream

The most delicious ice cream I've ever tasted was in Prague in the Cafe Angelato. Biljana, hostess cafe, on the basis of Italian gelatin creates just incredible things. Biljana Kebakoska Dimitrijević, Angelato café On the second place in my list of the tastiest ice cream is naturally that Italian gelatin, which I ate in a

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Singapore. Love Confession

In Singapore, smile appears on the face itself. Everything is so convenient and thoughtfully, not soared absolutely nothing. Beautiful people, happy people. Equally beautiful architecture and a lot of greenery. This city has been became one of my favorites. I want to come back here again and again, despite the fact that it's not as

  • City where absolutely nothing to do-1

City where absolutely nothing to do

This city is dull even from above. Here there is absolutely nothing interesting, nothing that would cause positive emotions. Well, yes, steel towers, yes, a couple of buildings of the colonial era. And garden birds, yes. Everything. I managed to change the tickets and tonight I fly to Singapore to spend almost a day. Would

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Badu Caves – dull caves in Kuala Lumpur

Today I finally ceased to understand all the travel bloggers and those who are trying to mow under them That is, explain to me how you could recommend it to the mandatory visit this the place, how you can write slobbering rave reviews about the place where there is a terrible stench of rotten food,

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Jazz bar No Black Tie

So it has turned from nature, and upbringing to blame, I'm on sixty percent of the visual and the remaining thirty five kinesthetic learner And somewhere a little minimum takes music. All music for me is just the noise. I perceive it simply as a set of rhythmic sounds of speech and the rest of