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Istanbul – City of Fairy Tales

I've got four favourite cities, where I want to come back again and again to. You can easily define them by the number of stamps in my passport. And today, after I've arrived in my favourite Istanbul, which I visited numerous times before (don't even remember the exact number of trips), I'm overwhelmed with old

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Armenia. Road to Goris

You just need to travel several kilometres inland from Yerevan, and nature changes completely. The mountains that used to be somewhere there become enormous and inviting, and raise that feeling of dominance. This is where you feel yourself small and begin to understand that a man is just one of the links of God's chain.

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Armenia. The beginning

Aleksandr Slyadnev on 23.10.2014 at 22:39 My Facebook followers know for sure that the whole current week and part of the next one I'm going to spend in Armenia. The programme is extremely varied. Moreover, I'll give a food photography master class in Yerevan on Friday, 24 October. The trip itself has started from Kyiv.