• Vilkovo. Gastronomic journey or how I ate frogs. Part III-11

Where to buy food?

I am a food photographer and for me food has not only the taste, but also the appearance. Often, working with chefs, first of all I ask them to buy the beautiful products. Sometimes I even go with the buyers to their secret places. So I want to share with you these secret places where

  • Sapphire Infinity-1

Sapphire Infinity

Curiously, it looks like if the photographer has a power over the light, than alternation of day and night, cloudy or sunny sky - it's not important. Actually it isn’t, but only if you’re working in your studio and has everything under controlled. And if you go outside… every little thing puts a mark on

  • Larousse Gastronomique and the recipe of Ukrainian borsch-1

Larousse Gastronomique and Ukrainian Borsch

Actually this post was supposed to be about tiramisu. I like tiramisu and I like cooking it. Moreover I cook tiramisu with the classic cream zabaione that is slightly different from that used to serve us in restaurants. But more about that will be another time. Recipe of Ukrainian borsch Recipe Type: Soup Cuisine: Ukrainian

  • Lviv in reflections-1

Lviv in reflections

Proximity to Europe is doing its job. Lviv gradually, imperceptibly for lots of people turned into a tourist gem of our country. Thanks to the huge influx in the city of Lion accumulates a large number of interesting people from the sphere of services. Someone passing through here, and someone remained for years. "I forgot

  • Vilkovo. Gastronomic journey or how I ate frogs. Part III-0

Vilkovo. Gastronomic journey or how I ate frogs. Part III

Vilkovo. Bazaar. They told me that in Vilkovo there are tasty strawberries. Even in our market in Odessa you can find it. But I never even thought that it's so tasty. But I will tell about everything one after another. In the bazaar of Vilkovo you can buy absolutely nothing. Just lonely old women sell

  • Vilkovo. Gastronomic journey or how I ate frogs. Part I-0

Vilkovo. Gastronomic journey or how I ate frogs. Part I

I wanted to go in Vilkovo for three years. It seems to be not far from Odessa, but at the same it takes two miles and the road is not the best. And suddenly it's just a coincidence. Two free days and an unwillingness to stay at home. So I pulled into the Vilkovo. And

  • Lviv - the city of lions

Lviv – the city of lions

If you would like to visit Ukraine, then Lviv should be must-see destination of your travel calendar. It is really a great city to walk around in the early morning through its narrow streets,to drink flavored coffee in one of the many cafes and to feel the history of this amazing place. To my big

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